Friday, July 1, 2011

Vashikaran mantra to Attract one and all

I am now giving a very unique Vashikaran mantra to Attract  one and, all be it humans [Prithvi Lok], the lower spirits [Patal Lok] or the higher energies [Gods or Dev Lok].This. Mantra is said to attract beings from all the three worlds.
The Siddhi [mastery] is acquired on the day of any Eclipse; Solar or Lunar by reciting the mantra in the following manner-

1000 recitations will attract the lower spirits or Patal Lok.
10,000 recitations will attract the higher energies or Gods [Dev Lok]
100,000 recitations will attract beings or energies from all the three worlds the Prithvi Lok, Patal Lok and the Dev Lok.

Klam klau hreem namah ll
क्लं क्लौ ह्रीं नम: ll


  1. how much recitations to attract the prithvi lok ? please clear.

  2. The Chanting has to be one sitting or it can be chanted daily and finish on Grahan? What is method of purnahuti? Right now I am chanting 5 malas daily? Which mala is recommended for this Mantra?.... please guide me, I am too serious...

    1. Yes you can chant a fixed number of mantras per day and complete them on Grahan if you wish.
      There are no other requirements mentioned in the post and any kind of Mala can be used.

  3. ok. so that means we have to wait untile eclips to gain siddhi. how can we use this mantra after attaining siddhi? Please advise.

  4. after chanting 1000 times, how to use this mantra

  5. want to get promotion in my department and want to clear slet exam pls suggest how to chat mantra and what mantra

  6. Dear Sir,

    As you already mentioned here, we have to END the final chant on the day of solar or lunar eclipse;

    Can I START this on the day of any eclipse & end on ANY DAY or else we have to schedule ourself to end it during eclipse?

    Since for 10,000 & 100,000 counts might take more than one sitting i.e. days. Can we decide a fix no. of chants & do this procedure?

    Kindly reply to my queries.

    Thanks again !

    1. The posts says that the Prayog is commenced on the day of an eclipse and it can conclude after the period of the eclipse.
      The chants can be divided into a fixed number per day,

  7. how much recitations to attract the prithvi lok ? please clear. Reply

    1. 100,000 Mantra Chants to be chanted, this can be divided into a fixed number of chants per day for a fixed number of days in which to complete the Sadhana.

  8. Sir,
    I am regular reader of your post and find very interesting about your article and mantras.Some of your very powerful mantra my grand father knows it but didn't gave because I was too young at that time.He expired before I am mature.Can I practice very few mantras given in your post for betterment of life?If so then how"


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