Beneficial Mantra for Shri Yantra

It is mentioned in the Puranas and Upanishads that miraculous benefits can be gained by chanting a specific mantra along with the Shri, Shree or Sri Yantra In this post, I will explain how this simple Sadhana can be performed, even by a layperson, not well versed in Hindu Traditions.

There are some specific mantras, which are believed to be the Beej Mantras of the Sri Yantra. However, the one given below is believed to give the maximum benefits. This Mantra is a popular Mahalaxmi Mantra, and needs no introduction.

For this purpose, the practitioner has to have an energized Sri Yantra. The procedure for preparing and energizing the Sri Yantra is complicated as it is required to be prepared during a specific period and requires the chanting of a Dhyan Mantra and a Prarthana Mantra. I will try to post about this procedure in the near future. However, it is preferable to purchase a readymade and energized Shri Yantra from a reliable seller.

The Root Mantra to infuse and make the Shri Yantra more Beneficial
Beej Mantra of Shri Yantra

It is recommended that the mantra be chanted 108 times every day, after having a bath and wearing clean clothes. This can be done either in the Mornings or at Dusk Time. The practitioner has to sit comfortably in front of the Yantra and chant the Mantra using a Lotus Beads Counting Rosary. Any Sweet food item, including Mithai or even Sugar should be offered as Prasad to the Shri Yantra, after completing the mantra chanting. The Prasad should be then consumed by the practitioner and can be distributed to others.

Ladies should take a gap during their Monthly Cycle.

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  1. Can you give mantra sadhana for Cheti yakshini?

    I have heard that after successfully invoking, she comes and works like a servant for the Sadhaka.

    1. Ok, will try to give her Mantra after a few days time.

  2. Thanks a lot for this site. I have a business. My business is manufacturing of color glass. Color glass is covered by Sri Yantra. I think it’s can change your luck any time anywhere.
    sri yantra

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  4. WHat is the siddhi amount for this mantra ?
    1.25 Lakh?

  5. I have bought this a year ago and chanting the mantra 108 time evening 7pm to 8pm almost daily and 1008 times during pournami (full moon) around 4am to 6am time. So far I didn't see any changes or benefits on my financial problems. My financial problem keep increasing. Am I doing any mistakes? How to find a way that the yantra is in energized / activated?


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