Mantra to avoid untimely and unexpected death

This is said to a very effective and powerful Mantra to avoid unexpected and untimely death; untimely death can be due to the occurrence of sudden and unexpected events which lead to a chain reaction; culminating in cutting short ones life.

This Mantra also deflects negative energies coming your way and protects you from unexpected and sudden harm.

This protection Mantra is said to avert such occurrences; hence everyone is advised to chant this Mantra.

Hindu Occult Mantra Chant to avoid untimely and unexpected death
Mantra to avoid untimely and unexpected death

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  1. How many times should I recite this mantra?Should I recite this mantra before going out? Does this mantra cover any accident like road, rail and air? Also interested to know about the origin of this mantra.


  2. Sir please state how many times and which day and time


    1. Dear Sister all things depamds on our Karma . First you should revert your newly acquired lifstyle and friends. Plz understand its a cause and effect theory. Not just our Karmas but the peole whose company we keep also afftect our destiny.
      If you can't change those no mantra can ever help you.
      However said and done you need not to be afraid yumraaj has to pass through me to touch you. All day and night i keep on praying to Maa Durga and almighty God to transfer all the bad, -ve effects of your Karmas and whatever ill is in your destiny, pass on all to me. And don't af

      If you want to take divine help, i suggest you to recite Durga Kavach everyday.


  3. To both of you who asked the question; the Mantra can be commenced at any time; there is no fixed date; it is a sort of Meditation, so the number of chants do not matter.

  4. what if someone is on death bed and I want that person to come alive. will this mantra help?

    1. You can try chanting the Mantra with intensity, everything depends upon intensity and firm belief in God.


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