Sunday, October 4, 2015

Shabar Mantra Tantra for Asthma

In this post, I have described a Shabar Mantra Tantra, which is said to give relief to Asthma patients.  The Mantra as we can see from the wordings is a Shabar Mantra originating from Kamakhya as it invokes/ involves the names of two of the most famous and reputed Yogi/ Sadhaks of the middle ages, Lona Chamari or Chamarin and Ismail Yogi. This site has previously published many Shabar Mantras and Tantras, which are said to have originated from this branch of Shabar Vidya.

However, I am not in any position to vouch for the effectiveness of this Mantra, as I have not seen it being tested by anyone. The healing Tantra studied by me says that the healing properties of any Ayurvedic, herbal or traditional healing medicine is enhanced if that medicine in infused with this Mantra.

To do this the Medicine should be taken in the right hand and the Shabar health Mantra given in this post chanted once to infuse the Medicine with the healing power and potency of the Mantra. This procedure should be repeated for seven days in order to get relief from Asthma or any other disease and ailment related to the breath.

उतर दिशि कूल कामाख्या सुत योगी कि बाघ 
इस्माईल योगी की इ बेटी 
एक के सिर चूल्हा दुसरी काटे माडी फुला 
लोना चामारी दुहाई शबद साँचा फूली काछा 
पिंड काँचा फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरी वाचा |
Uttar Dishi Kool Kaamaakhya Sut Yogi Ki Baagh
Ismaael Yogi Ki e Beti
Ek Ke Sir Choolha Dusri Kaate Maadi Fulaa
Lonaa Chaamaari Duhai Shabada Saanchaa Fooli Kaachhaa
Pind Kaanchaa Furo Mantra Ishwari Vaachaa |


  1. i came acoss a shabar mantra which is deh raksha mantra(protection of body) itsays that it should be recited 31 times and infused with gangajal as per wordings ,it is related to lord narsingh ,,if i increase the no of chant to 51or 108 or more will it be okk,,..

    1. The Minimum of 31 chants could be for making the Mantra effective, hence there is no harm in increasing the number of Mantra Chants.

  2. Right now I'm having 12 tantra shastra books, But i didn't found any mantra to cure or relief from asthma. So i bet it is really rare mantra that you shared us. Thank you guruji

  3. hi kapil,may i know the names of tantra shastra books which you have???i am tantra and hatha yoga practitioner


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