Mantra for Janmashtami

Today is the auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami; celebrating the birth of Shri Krishna. No doubt people in India will celebrate this occasion with the usual pomp and festivities. The Mantra given in this post is probably the most appropriate one to chant throughout this day. The meaning of the Mantra is “I pray to that Vishnu; whose mount is Laxmi”.

With price rise, inflation, unemployment, falling rupee and the signs of an economic depression and crash looming everywhere; it seems that the poor and middle class need divine intervention; more than anything else; they need money to meet their basic needs of Roti, Kapda aur Makaan.

One of the traditional ways of celebrating Gokulashtami is hanging a Matka at a height and young men climbing in a pyramid formation to break it. This Makta contains Curds; and winning team usually gets cash reward.

I wish all our readers a happy Gokulashtami and hope Shri Krishna breaks the Matka filled with cash and money rains into their home.

ॐ श्रीवत्साय नमः ||
Om Shrivatsaaya Namah ||

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