Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mantra for Business Enemy Defeat

This is a mantra for business enemies defeat. To be used only if a business rival is hell bent upon destroying your business. The mantra is never to be used in a fit of rage or to get revenge on someone or to settle scores. This mantra is known to cause a lot of damage to the business of the enemy.

Four substances are required Gandhak, Hartal[Yellow Orpiment] and Somal or Sambul; a poisonous substance and Gomutra[ Urine of a Cow]. 

The first three substances are to be mixed in the Gomutra to make a watery mixture. The Sadhak has to be careful while preparing this mixture as it is harmful. Then the Sadhak has to sprinkle this mixture in front of the shop or office of the enemy. While sprinkling the mixture the mantra given in this post has to be chanted 11 times; facing the East; using a counting rosary of Coral Beads.
a mantra used to overcome business rivals and enemies
mantra for business enemies defeat

This Prayog has to be conducted on Tuesday night and continued till Saturday night; a total of five days continuously; without a break.


  1. Hello Sir can we get those threee thins can get easily

  2. Namaste Guruji,

    I am staying in village,In front of my home there is a house where they sell liquor. Its really troubling us by drunkard people, we asked them to shift to outskirt but they did not. So can I use this mantra for it.

    Does the mantra need to be chanted for 108*11 per day or for entire five days and all the five days the infused gomutra has to be sprinkled.


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