Tantric Experiments using Gunja Plant

Indian Tantra Vidya, believes that the Gunja Plant [Abrus precatorius], known in common English as Rosary Pea or Indian Licorice, has strong magical properties. Numerous Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogas are conducted by Tantrics, using the various portions of this plant.

This site has from time to time given some Mantra Experiments, making the use of the Gunja Plant. In this post are given 3 unique experiments for 3 different purposes, which are conducted, using the parts of this plant.

These experiments do not need and kind of Mantra Vidhi or Sadhana, however, one has to have achieved a certain degree of progress in the field of Tantra Vidya, to successfully perform such experiments.

However, it is best to point out that such experiments are conducted under the guidance of an experienced practitioner as this plant it known to have toxic content which is harmful to the human body.

For Vashikaran Purposes
Keeping a portion of the root of the Gunja, in the pocket is believed to ensure success in legal and court related matters. It is also said to influence powerful persons in a position of authority, create a good impression on such persons, win their favor, and receive respect from them.
If the root is crushed to a paste and a Tilak is put on the forehead, it is said to put all those people whom one meets come under a Vashikaran Spell of attraction.

For Exorcism
If 5 Gunja Seeds are stringed and tied as a Talisman around the neck of a person believed to be possessed by spirits, ghosts or evil entities; the outside energies will leave the body and aura of the possessed person.

To have a Darshan of Kali Mata
The Tantra says that if Gunja Seeds are crushed to a paste and a Tilak of this paste applied on Kali Mata, then the Mother Goddess will give him a Darshan in some form or the other and fulfill his wish.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    I want to know that which type of gunja plant..there are different type of like Black gunja,white gunja and red gunja. Can you please tell me about this sir

    1. You can use any kind of Gunja Plant of Seed for these experiments.

  2. Dear sir from where i get this gunja seeds. And i heard about that gunja is toxic so is it healty to have tilak of gunja paste on forhead. Plz reply me sir


  4. Sir its written that if applied on Kali mata, then she gives a darshan to fulfil wish.

    Does spplied on Kali mata means apply on idol or photo of Kali mata?

    1. It means a photo or idol, if applied by a true Kali Mata Bhakt.

  5. Yes, but a certain level of spiritual advancement is essential.

    1. Sir, if I know what is written in the vedic texts, mantras like Gayatri mantra, Mahamritynjaya mantra, Ganesh aarti, know the importance of festivals, why do we celebrate them, would this be a level of spiritual advancement, or there is something more I should do to get spiritually advanced?

    2. Mere knowledge of the scriptures or Mantras cannot be termed as spiritual advancement. You have to analyze yourself clearly to see where you stand in life, it all depends upon the Sadhak and his mental level, it is difficult for others to arrive at conclusions.

  6. Sorry Sir, but what do you mean by where do you stand in life?

    I mean that if I can clearly distinguish between good and bad/evil, right and wrong is it? Or is it like having single minded concentration in what I do?

    1. You can judge for yourself and see if you have the knowledge, faith and concentration to perform any kind of difficult Mantra or Tantra Sadhana.

  7. I need this gunja .in green colour .green Abrus precatorius .can i get it sir .do u have any information about this

  8. नमस्कार , सर मैं 55 साल का आदमी हूं , आजतक बहुत सारी नोकरीच्या कि बहुतसारे बीसीनेस किये लेक8न सफलता नाही मिली , बहुत कर्ज हुवा है , कृपया कोई समाधान बताये । ई-मेल:vijayvandan@hotmail.com

    1. मेरी राय मे प्रातः श्री सूक्त एवं कनक धारा स्तोत्र का पाठ करें .शाम को रावण कृत शिव तांडव स्तोत्र एवं दारिद्र्य दहन शिव स्तोत्र का पाठ करें .
      वैसे इस साइट पर लक्ष्मी व कुबेर संबंधित कई मन्त्र
      हैं जिनका प्रयोग कर सकते हैं .

  9. इस पोस्ट मे गुन्जा की जड़ और दाने के प्रयोग बताए गये हैं .
    "रक्तगुन्जा कल्प"मे शिव गौरी से इसके गुणो का वर्णन करते हैं .प्रस्तुत हैं कुछ अंश -
    पुष्य होय आदित्य कू जब लीजै या मूल l
    शुक्करवारी रोहिणी ग्रहण होय अनुकूल ll
    कृष्‍णपक्ष की अष्टमी हस्त नक्षत्र जु होय l
    चौदस स्वाती सतभिषा पून्योकू ले सोय ll
    अर्द्धनिशा कारज करै मन की सन्ग्या खोय l
    धूप दीप कर लाइए धरे दूध सों धोय ll
    जो घिस लावै भाल मे सभामध्य नर जाय l
    मान मिलै अस्तुति करै सबहीं पूजै पाय ll
    तांबे मूल मढ़ाय के बान्धै कटि सूं सोय l
    नवें मास वा नार के निहचे बेटा होय ll
    जो घृत मे घिस के करै लेप मूत्र नर ताय l
    भोग शक्ति बाढ़ाई अमित मन बहु मोद बढ़ाय ll
    गोरोचन के संग घिस लिखिये जाको नाम l
    मृत्यु होय वाको तुरत नही बैर को काम ll
    जो अलसी के तेल मे घिसिए सहद मिलाय l
    कोढ़ी के लेपन करै कंचन तन हो जाय ll

  10. Can you wear black white & red gunja as a bracelet


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