Jaya - Vijaya Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

These are the Yakshini Mantra Sadhanas for Jaya Yakshini and Vijaya Yakshini. These are two of the Ashtanayikas or the Eight leading Yakshinis. Indian Tantra has given a detailed description of their role as guardians of specific energies and tasks. Now a day they are primarily seen as idols in front of the main gate of the temples and Shrines of Vishnu as guardians.

The Mantra Sadhana of Vijaya and Jaya are said to be of great importance and are considered as amongst the most powerful Yakshini Sadhanas. I have given in this post the procedure to gain Siddhi over these two Sadhanas. Success gained is said to bring these two mystical beings under the spell of attraction of the Sadhak and enable him to fulfill his wishes and desire.

It is not essential to practice both these Mantra Sadhana; if one wishes one can do both or one of them.

Jaya - Vijaya Yakshini Invoking Hindu Voodoo Mantra Sadhana
Jaya - Vijaya Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

Jaya Yakshini Sadhana
This Sadhana has to be commenced from one Amavasya [No or New Moon] to the next Amavasya. This Sadhana has to be done in a Shivalaya; by chanting the mantra 5000 times everyday. On completion of the entire period it is said that Jaya Yakshini will appear at midnight before the Sadhak and fulfill his wishes.

Vijaya Yakshini Sadhana
This Sadhana has to be done on the banks of a river or in a graveyard. The Sadhak has to climb on any tree located there and start chanting a specific number of mantras everyday and continue till he completes a total of 300,000 chants. It is said that on completion Vijaya Yakshini appears before the Sadhak and fulfils his desires.

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  1. can i do sadhana of of jaya yakshini at home in front of shivlinga???????

  2. can we practise it at home in front of a shivling?

  3. To both who asked the question
    The Tantra says a Shivalaya; however you can try at home in front of a Shivling.

  4. I wish to do KUBER sadhana. But i do't have GURU who can teach me and guide me. Please help me.

  5. Is there any precaution to take care? Is there any procedure to follow? I think its just like simply chanting, isn't it?

    1. Must that bca Master,any of that any manthra before starting sadhana the practitioners must have DEHA KATTU to protect self.don't try without guru

  6. Pls dont assume these sadhnas a easy eating samosa. Pls do proper research and go to guru den do dem. Or else results may be terrible. Neel jee is giving all these just for info.he himself won't advocate u to try ne of dem


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