Past life Regression Therapy is something, which we have discussed before. I have seen THE TRUTH BEHIND PAST LIFE, from my observations that 99% of the cases of Past life are nothing but repressed memories coming to the fore and delusions due to the memory going haywire under hypnosis. However, there are still about 1% of those cases, which appear to have some merit. I would like to discuss one such sample case here.

Sample case-There is a family of Husband, age about 58 years, wife age about 50 years, and a married daughter age about 29 years. The couple also had an unmarried son who died of an accident at the age of 22, about 5 years ago. The couple believes that their grandson age a little less than 5 years is the reincarnation of their dead son. The child has a marked resemblance to what the dead youth looked like in his infancy, is extremely attached to his grandparents, and stays with them at least 3 days in a week. The child is also known to have told his grandparents that he is the reincarnation of their dead son. The couple has some consolation, and appears happy.

IS IT PASTLIFE EXPERIENCE, called upon to have a look I extracted some information from the grandparents, and also from their relatives and friends regarding this particular case. What really interested me are the events, which followed immediately after the death of the youth, and continued for some time. The couple became inconsolable with grief when their son died, they expressed disbelief and refused to accept the fact that their son had died. The daughter also showed inconsolable grief, she was pregnant at that time, and she kept repeating to the couple, don’t worry my brother will be reborn again as my son.

A little more investigation reveled that the daughter had seen her opportunity in the death of her brother. All of a sudden, she was now the sole heir to the entire property of the couple, they are a wealthy couple. In the sudden death of her only brother, she saw an opportunity, and couldn’t help herself, by spontaneously giving a dramatic performance of her acting abilities.

In the days that followed, she further kept brainwashing her parents that her brother would be reborn again as her child. She gave birth to a son and started consolidating her hold over her parents and started interfering in their financial affairs, and also took away all their Physical and Emotional Space, by keeping them totally involved in looking after her son and thereafter her other son who was born a couple of years later.

Now that brings us to the unexplainable behavior of the child, firstly he was the nephew of the dead youth so the physical resemblance is understandable. The other issues regarding his behavior can be explained by the fact that scientific tests have reveled that the development of memory in a Fetus starts developing after it has completed 30 weeks. Thereafter there is a continuous development in the memory process until birth. The fresh brain of a newborn infant then records every sensation around it in its memory bank; this memory can be repressed and forgotten but never erased, this memory can be resurfaced again through the use of regression therapy or hypnosis.

This case is a classic example of the Fetus recording, the events happening around it in its memory. The mother of the Fetus kept repeating over and over again that her brother would be reborn as her son. Thereafter as a newborn infant and later on as a baby the child’s brain was recording every event happening around him, including the statements that he was the reincarnation of the dead youth.

Thus, the child was unintentionally playing a part in the drama, which was started by his mother. In this case, I decided to keep my observations to myself. As disclosure would affect the grandparents who had found some consolation. I feel that in some cases it is better to keep quiet, so as not to hurt the concerned.

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  1. Its really amazing.People can be at times so money minded that they dont even bother to cheat their parents also.

    1. Hi Priyanka,

      It is actually Sad to read the article however its so common place these Days.


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