How to Position Phoenix in Feng Shui

The phoenix is an imaginary bid from ancient Greek Mythology, symbolizing the indestructible or imperishable. This bird, which is said to rise back to life, life and soar high in the skies, also symbolizes invincibility and power, much like the Garuda, the gigantic bird, who is described as the vehicle of Vishnu in Hindu religious scriptures.

The phoenix also appears in Chinese and other cultures in the world, under different names and has different myths surrounding it. The most common thing about these myths is that the phoenix is all about power and invincibility. Feng Shui considers the phoenix as a most auspicious good luck symbol and attributes it with qualities like far sightedness, success, courage, grit, determination and a happy married life.

In the Orient, it is believed that the phoenix, bestows the possessor of the phoenix symbol with the boon to fulfill his dreams and innermost aspirations. Hence, you will find a painting of the phoenix in many homes in China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and other such countries, where Feng Shui has a large following.

The statue of the phoenix should be reddish golden in color [symbolic of fire and flames] and should be hung with a red colored string in the Southern corner of the room. If unable to find a statue of the phoenix, then even a painting or poster of the phoenix can be positioned as a lucky charm in the Southern corner of the room.

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