Laxmi Yantra to increase sales

This is a Laxmi Yantra to increase sales. This is considered as a most powerful amulet for those whose livelihoods depend upon the sale of goods and articles; like shopkeepers or those in the field of trade and marketing.

This Laxmi Yantra is to be prepared on a Monday on a Bhojpatra, written with Ashtagandha paste. Then it has to be worshipped by offering flowers and incense and hung on the wall of the place where the business is carried on. The place where this Yantra is hung should be such that it should be visible to everyone.

This Laxmi Yantra will act as a most powerful amulet in increasing sales and thereby increase substantially the profits of the business.

Laxmi Yantra to increase sales and progress in business
Laxmi Yantra to Increase sales

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I'm a individual sales person working for a company and selling software. If I want to increase sales and achieve my target then where should I keep this yantra. Can I keep it in my purse or can I tie it as amulet in my neck. Please revert as I putting my 100% effort to achieve the targets, however not able to achieve the complete target assigned to me.

    Request you revert ASAP.

    1. This Laxmi Yantra is to be hung on a Wall, so that it is visible to everyone.
      You could try placing it on a wall in your home.

  2. neel guruji, can we draw this yantra on the day of Dusherra, diwali, or it necessary to draw on monday.


    1. Monday as given in the post, if Diwali or Dushera falls on a Monday, then you can draw the Yantra on those days.

  3. pranam guruji ,
    can the above yantra be prepared with red ink pen and white paper

  4. Guruji, can it be draw on white paper

  5. what if someone is working for an organisation which requires them to do sales but they cant hang it in the office.

    1. This is a Yantra for the wall of the business, there are many other Yantras for increasing trade and business, which can be seen in the Money Yantra and Charms Section of this site.

  6. Names the guruji,what if I want to increase my salary ?

  7. Neel ji, can the above yantra work for people who are in a sales job? Please reply at the earliest.
    Vrishali Watcha

    1. Yes, the Laxmi Yantra can work for people who are working in sales and marketing related jobs.

  8. Ok.great.but then since i work in a company i cannot hang it in office. Can just keeping it in the purse will work?

    1. You can hang the Yantra in your house as described in the article.

  9. Hello neelji
    Men art and craft teacher hu ghar se hi classes kholi hai. Students kam ko pasand kartey hai par lotte ki nahi attey men apne student kaise badau ki ladies bacchey jada aye aur men kama saku pls help. Asa koi upaye bataye ki vridhi ho . Aur kya men is yantra ko bana sakte hu white paper with kumkum red ink and place at my home or snything else .

    1. You should use Bhojpatra and Ashtagandha as prescribed in the post.

    2. दुकान की बिक्री बढ़ाने हेतु शाबर मंत्र---
      घर से नहा धोकर दुकान मे जाएँ ,अगरबत्ती जलाकर लक्ष्मीजी के चित्र की पूजा करें .अपनी गद्दी/ जगह बैठकर एक माला निम्न शाबर मंत्र की जपें .इसके बाद दुकान मे कार्य प्रारंभ करें-
      श्री शुक्ले महा शुक्ले कमलदल निवासे श्री महालक्ष्मी नमो नम:. लक्ष्मी माई ,सत्त की सवाई .आओ चेतो,करो भलाई .ना करो तो सात समुद्रों की दुहाइ.रिद्धि सिद्धि खाओगी ,तो नौ नाथ चौरासी सिद्धों की दुहाई .

  10. Hello Neelji,
    I had hanged the yantra in my house, but recently I have changed it place and moved it to another wall. Moved the yantra to another room which is my working room. Earlier it was in my living room. Will it still work ? or I have disturbed it.


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