Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disease resistant healthier beings in future

How much genetic DNA change does it take to produce significant change?  It was reported that humans have mere 1% DNA difference from natural animal chimpanzees.  Just 1%?  That might seem rather minor, not much difference.  Yet that has most highly importantly turned us into much more brainy far more creatively intellectual beings!  Our great ability to express things in composed verbal forms in extensive detail of course lets us communicate and then expand technological complexities and much more all around the world.

When future conceived young can maybe soon be started with some selected fine genetics details, some future parents will naturally want to have included, for their happily developing new young, some genetic details found likely to lessen some aches or pains, and some likely to contribute happier more enjoyable daily living sharing nice fun with others.  It should eventually become possible to selectively include into their genetics much of this.  Surely many parents should prefer having much improved young, able to better enjoy more disease resistant healthier and also happier adult living, (while also maybe having some aches or pains, such as some headaches or breast pain mastalgia, reduced or avoided).  True? 

Wouldn't you maybe prefer such new good possibilities for your future descendants?  Parents often spend time &/or money on things for better developing children.  This includes what's likely to bring their children happier lives, starting with buying for them nice fun toys.  These may include new designed toys exploiting our ever improving technology.  Also many parents may include for them entertainment possibilities which may not have been available in the past.  Many would agree: why confine new children to just old more primitive playful options?

Then as they grow up and mature, other benefits for enjoying happier living will have become possible.  Maturing opens up added special social pleasure possibilities including sex, of course anciently most important for having kept humans a surviving successfully evolving primate species.  Many parents will like having their descendants also able to better benefit enjoying this.  This too will gradually become more improvable by advancing genetics technology.

Like many, you too may like having your descendants becoming able to better enjoy good mating marriages.  Why not?  This will help to keep them happily married future successful parents.  As nicer naturally evolved genetic varieties get discovered able to give some maturing new descendants better mating pleasures, we shouldn't be surprised that some parents will want this to have been included for their refined better happier descendants.  True?

Some religious conservatives will oppose any change if it steps outside of existing natural human genetic varieties.  Some firm believers in our existence as being Special Divinely Superior Creations, as if Created by God (Allah, Jahveh), will likely try winning new restrictions to outlaw such a change.  And some may use violence to try halting such advancements.  (Already some around the world may even use violence in revenge against some merely fictional writing disrespectful against some of their proudly preferred ego inflating doctrines.)

This is a guest post. Questions?  Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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