Charm for protection from Snakes

It’s quite natural for a large section of the world’s population to harbor a fear and dread of snakes. There are some who have a phobia or an unnatural dread of snakes; this dread is known in scientific terms as “Ophiophobia”.

There are others living in the countryside or on farms who have to protect themselves and their families; especially kids against snakes. This is a natural kind of fear.

There is a specific protective charm which can be used as an amulet to protect one from snakes; that is if one believes in the paranormal. The charm which I am giving here is an Indian charm for protection from snakes.

This charm has to be prepared on paper and written with the juice of a Citron Once this is done then the charm has to be kept in the house as a protective talisman. This experiment has to be conducted on any Monday during the period of the Revati Nakshatra [Zeta Piscum]

Indian Occult Charm for protection from Snakes
Charm for protection from Snakes

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