Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mantra to remove mental darkness

When one get into the habit of pessimistic and nonconstructive thinking the cells which make up the human body start duplicating themselves and darkness takes a firm grip on the entire mental framework.

It is best advisable to get out of such weak thought processes as quickly as possible. Ancient Indian religious science has prescribed certain remedial measures. The mantra given below is also said to be most effective in removing mental darkness.

The mantra given below should be chanted 108 times wearing gold on your body. Gold is said to be most beneficial in attracting positive influences in your life.

Mantra to remove darkness


  1. Sir
    My Husbnd always gets some bad thoughts n most of the time he is worried becoz of the thoughts nd has some fear for can i chant the above mantra on his behalf
    Pls reply nd help
    Thanking u in advance

    1. You husband must chant the Mantra himself and have faith in it.

  2. Sir. If you look closely at the first word, you will notice that there is an extra "mum" in Hindi whereas that is missing in English version. So I request you to please clarify which one is true?

    I have been asking this for some days but you haven't replied . do this time, please and correct it if possible.


    1. The English version is correct, in the Hindi version there is an extra मं in the first word.


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