Sunday, March 4, 2012

Powerful and effective Shakti Mantra

 This is a most powerful and effective Shakti Mantra. Shakti Worship is widely practiced in India; the Shakti worshippers worship the feminine form of the Supreme Being. The Mantra below is recited to please the Goddess Gauri. Gauri is another for of the Mother Goddess Parvati.

 Gauri stand for fertility and is portrayed as being of a flaming golden complexion. The Mantra which I have given is said to free oneself from all the bad Karma; past and present. This Mantra is also said to fulfill the innermost wishes of the practitioner and make his life happy and blissful.

Powerful and effective Shakti Mantra

It has been recommended that this Mantra be recited with sincerity and devotion to the Goddess Gauri. One will start seeing the beneficial effects of this Mantra after the completion of 100,000 recitations.


  1. Hi,

    Is the mantra "Goum gourimurthaye namah" or as is written in the post "gourimutrye"

    1. The mantra given in the post is correct.


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