Indian Talisman for Gambling Success

A Yantra remedy for getting success in gambling and games of chance is described by me in this post. This Yantra which is said to work like a magical talisman as per the Tantra gives success to the wearer in games of chance like cards, casinos, dice games, betting on sports, horse racing, online-poker, lottery and other such games, which depend on chance.

The Yantra, is in-fact a Mantra, which has to be drawn with a pointed wooden stick on a Bhojpatra using Gorochana Paste. This is all that should be done, there is no energization or infusion procedure for this Yantra, which is called in the Hindi language as the Jua Ya Lottery Me Jitne Ka Yantra.

Indian Voodoo Talisman for Gambling Success
Taweez for Gambling Success
Then, the Bhojpatra should be affixed on the brow/forehead, while going to gamble. This might sound strange and unpractical as the Yantra affixed on the forehead will be visible to everyone and the practitioner would be subject to scrutinity or even ridicule. But, that is the only method of using this Yantra and as per the Tantra, it cannot be modified.

Note- This is an untested and untried Totka/Upay and its effectiveness cannot be vouched for by this site and hence this Yantra has been described only with the motive of giving interesting information on Indian Occult Spells.


  1. any mantr for remove utchatn form any one plz sir help me out

  2. Dear Sir,
    is there any Mantra / Tantra / Yantra to send someone a dream while he's sleeping?

  3. Dear nil ji
    ,can I use cap to cover it

    1. The exact procedure is provided in the post, the talisman should not be covered and it should be visible to others.

  4. One way to do it can also be that ypu can affix it on your brow and then tie a cloth on your head, covering the yantra.

  5. Sir...इस पोस्ट में आप ने जो मंत्र लिखा हे ;- " || ॐ प्रांजलि महातेजे स्वाहा ||...वो करने से क्या जुआ , लॉटरी में लाभ देता हे ...कितनी संख्या में करना हे ...थोड़ी और जानकारी दीजिये सर ...

    1. The Mantra should not be be chanted but used as described in the post as a Yantra to win in gambling or speculation.

  6. Sir, after pasting on fore head, Can we wear cap on the head?
    But the Mantra will be visible

    1. You can wear a cap, but the Mantra should be visible.

  7. Since bettings are online now , can it still work if we bet at home?


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