One of the most powerful Protection Mantras

This is one of the most powerful of the Protection Mantras. This mantra is used to protect one from potential danger and negative energies from all the 4 directions.

Whenever one feels he is in danger this Mantra should be chanted continuously. This mantra is said to protect one from negative energies including all sorts of evil spirits, enemies and danger from wild animals.

The procedure for acquiring Siddhi [mastery] is not there in this mantra. The only rule given is chanting it continuously when in danger.

Vajrakrodhaya mahadantaya dashdisho bandh bandh hum fatt swaha ll

वज्रक्रोधाय महादन्ताय दशदिशो बंध बंध हूं फ़ट् स्वाहा ll

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  1. How do I pronounce 'II' at the end of 'swaha'?
    Many thanks

    1. || denotes the end of a verse. It does not have to be pronounced, it is just like a full stop.

  2. Dear Neel sahib,

    i assume this is 10 direction protection mantra and not 4

    best regards

  3. Hello Neel Sir,
    Thanks for sharing such great information which is usually hidden from a common man by the society.
    I have a doubt and would like your advise. Do these mantras have any kind of side effects and also can the above given mantra be recited any time without any ill effects?
    Thanks & Regards,

    1. There will be no side effects of a Mantra if it is used for Pure Purposes.

  4. Hi Sir, My mother is suffering from left body paralysis, can we do something for her. Its been 5 years she can't do anything alone

    1. See the Health Mantra, Shiva Mantras sections some powerful mantras are given there.

  5. Which God are we praying to when we recite the Vajrakrodhaya mahadantaya dashdisho bandh bandh hum fatt swaha mantra

  6. Sir, is there any proven mantra which upon chanting provides me with the power to wish for the protection of a specific person ( living far away from me) from direct physical harms?

    Please provide link to them if there is any.


  7. Dear Sir,
    in these days my stars are not favorable. from enemy protection. Can I chant 108 or more daily this mantra.please, suggest.

    1. You can chant he Mantra 108 times or more daily depending upon your wish.

  8. hello sir I want to know if there is any mantra to recite for children safety protection while travelling and for their studies by the parent

    1. Please see the section on Protection Mantras.

  9. Thank you for this one. Question, when all the disha's are bound by this mantra, will this also bind Gods (to help us)? And how do we "open" the disha's again when danger is gone?

    1. No, only the dangers will be bound by the Mantra and not the Gods.


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