Laxmi Kavach Yantra - Mantra for Aquarius

Aquarius [Kumbh Rashi] is the 11th of the Zodiac Signs, I have given in this post is the Good Luck Laxmi Symbol; the Laxmi Kavach Yantra and the Mantra needed to make it fruitful for the sign Aquarius. Also given below is a brief and generalized description about the financial and money prospects in life for Aquarius.

Aquarians are of an even temperament as far as money is concerned, they are neither economical nor extravagant.  They are neither fortunate nor unfortunate, they do not go after fame and honor; yet it comes to them.

Aquarians usually make money through new and innovative means, some of them by inventing gadgets and machinery, scientific and other inventions and discoveries.  Aquarians have both talent and the ambition to make money and do so by working tirelessly and patiently for it. The try to find long-term sources of income, rather than onetime and there and then sources. They are practical about money for they believe that it is essential for worldly life.

The Money Attracting Laxmi Kavach Yantra and Mantra for Aquarius
Note – For Knowing how to make and use the Laxmi Kavach for Aquarius, please see this post – Here.

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