Mantra Remedy to Recover Lost Thing

In this post, I have described the method of practicing a specific Mantra Experiment using a special Tantra to locate and find a lost or misplaced valuable thing, including gold and currency notes. In the Hindi language this Mantra Remedy is called as Gumi Hui Vastu Wapas Pane Ka Mantra Upay.

This Mantra Remedy for getting back your lost thing should be practiced in the morning after having a bath.

1] Keep a Betel Leaf on the place where the thing was lost and place an whole unbroken Betal Nut upon it.

2] Then, worship it like you normally worship any deity by offering it flowers and Gandham.

3] Then close your eyes and chant the Mantra given below with concentration and faith for 108 Mantra Chants, you can use any counting rosary for counting the number of Mantra Chants.

त्वं विश्वस्य मेघिर दिवः ||
Tvam Vishvasya Meghir Divah ||

4] Then, move the Betal Leaf from its place and remove the Betel Nut and draw the sign of a Swastika with the Betal Nut on that place. This is an imaginary sign because no ink is used and it need not be seen.

5] Then, once again move the Betel Leaf back to its original place and keep the Supari back on it and then light an oil lamp and Agarbatti in-front of it.

6] The same Tantra has to be repeated for 3 day in a row to get the necessary results in locating and recovering the lost thing.

This Totka can be practiced to find any lost or stolen material thing, including a vehicle, money or valuable gold ornaments.

Note- The same Betel Leaf and Betel Nut should be used for all the 3 days of this Mantra Remedy. It can be immersed in water after the completion of the remedy.

Another remedy for the same purpose, which does not make the use of a Mantra can be seen here -  Astrology remedy for getting back your lost item


  1. रावण के समकालीन हैहयवंशीय राजा कार्तवीर्यार्जुन हुए हैं ,जो सुदर्शन चक्र के अवतार माने जाते हैं.
    उनका मंत्र और यंत्र खोई या चोरी हुई वस्तु,धन,पशु अथवा नष्ट मान प्रतिष्ठा ,घर से भागे व्यक्ति की वापसी आदि के लिए
    कारगर मानी जाती है .
    कार्तवीर्यार्जुनो नाम राजा बाहुसहस्र्वान
    यस्य स्मरण मात्रेण गतम नष्टम च लभ्यते.

    1. What is the puja vidhi for finding the lost person. Is there any mantra to any particular diety ?? Plz suggest.

    2. वैसे तो खोई हुई वस्तुओं के लिए "कार्तवीर्यार्जुनो नाम राजा बाहु सहस्रवान,यस्य स्मरणमात्रेण गतम नष्टं च
      लभ्यते "का जाप किया जाता है ,किन्तु संकल्प के साथ मंत्रजप की विस्तृत विधि भी है .कार्त्तवीर्यार्जुन यंत्र भी
      है ,जिसे भोजपत्र पर बनाकर खोये हुए व्यक्ति या वस्तुका नाम लिखा जाता है ,यंत्र के साथ खोये हुए व्यक्ति
      का पहना हुआ कोई कपडा रखकर दो पत्थरों के बीच दबा दिया जाता है .


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