Shukra Mantra for Calm Mind and Heart

Many people are unaware of the fact that Shukra is the most beneficial planet out of all the Navgrahas. Shukra is the overlord of all the things controlled by other 8 planets. Like your Karma whose Karak is Shani, Eyes whose Karak are the Sun and the Moon, Foreign land benefits whose Karak are Rahu and Ketu. - Ashok Mehta

Other than this, Lord Venus himself is the Karak of vehicles, arts, Diamonds, silver, white gold, gemstones, peaceful family life, clothes, food, restaurants, businesses related to food or restaurants, artists, actor, electronics business, premium clothes or clothing brand, poets, etc.

The unnecessary sexual desires, poor eyesight and sexual diseases are caused due to a weak Shukra in the horoscope.

Similarly if Shukra is weak, the person will get lots of chances of making wealth but he will lose those chances at the 11th hour.

Peace of mind during a Mantra Sadhana is also controlled by Lord Shukra. If Shukra is weak, the Sadhak will never attain peace of mind while sitting on an Aasan and doing Sadhana.

All these are controlled by Lord Shukra.

Not only this, the person who has a powerful Shukra in the 4th house of his Janma Kundli will become extremely rich in life by the age of 22. Any person who a has Shukra strong in his birth chart is bound to become successful in life by age of 22.

Many people claim that Brihaspati is more powerful than all other planets but that is not true because Lord Shiva has given Shukra the boon to be more powerful than Brihaspati.

Guru Brihaspati is called more powerful by people because it takes 13 months for Brihaspati to transit from one house to another while Lord Shukra takes only 1.5 months to 2 months depending upon the house.

However, if you think about long term benefits then Shukra is the most beneficial planet for a Grihasth.

This is my personal experience that Shukra Upasana is easy and at the same time very prosperous for the Sadhak.

However, Shukra is not the Karak of knowledge or education. But this can be improved by doing Budh Upasana.  Because Lord Mercury is said to be best friend of Lord Shukra.

One can say that if  Buddh and Shukra are always positive in one's life, he will never feel sadness of any nature. Doing Shukra Upasana and Brihaspati Upasana simultaneously is not allowed because they both are enemies of each other.

This rule also applies to many other planets who are enemies of each other.

If Shukra is weak the Sadhak will never be able to attain peace and calm mind while doing the Sadhana.

Today I will share a Mantra through which any person can get a calm mind and heart.

Procedure of practicing the Mantra:
1.  Sit facing the south east direction on a Kush Aasan on a Shukla Paksh Friday.
2. Light a Pure Ghee Diya in an Earthen Diya.
3. Worship Guru, Ganesh, Shiv and Mahalakshmi.
4. Chant 11 rosaries of this mantra for 21 Fridays. Use a Sphatik Rosary or a White Hakeek Rosary
The Mantra Japa must be done from Friday to Friday.

Mantra: ।। ॐ शान्तमतये नमः।।
।। Om Shaantmataye Namaha ।।
Meaning – Namaskar to Shukra who is the giver of peace of thoughts and heart

Shukra is also the Karak of auspicious nature, personality, healthy skin and remover of depression and giver of the object of thought


  1. Neel ji, only on Friday's his Sadhana has to do'?

  2. From friday to friday means ? Only on fridays for 21 fridays or from friday, every day till 21st friday

  3. Dear Ashok Sir,
    If Shukra is siting in the 8th House,dows it mean it is bad?However,I have heard that people with Shukra in 8th House,there are some good benefits such as Rich Wife etc.However Shukra's benefits in 8th house are strong when there are other planets sitting in the same house (8th House) but is Shukra in the 8th House really bad?pls guide

  4. Sir kuch back pain slip disc ke liye dijiye..

  5. what is a rosary explain I don't know. u told 11 rosaries.Use a Sphatik Rosary or a White Hakeek Rosary
    The Mantra Japa must be done from Friday to Friday. tell me detail

  6. mine shukra is in the 7th house sitting with chandra, i was told its very bad combination, any suggestions? please help

  7. Dear Ashok sir,
    I suggest that in your next post u could put up a post on Yogas in Astrology and clearly mentioning Adhi Yoga.Are there no mantra-tantras to get yogas in astrology?Is it possible?

  8. one rosary or one mala is nothing but 108 counting.

  9. suppose sukra is strong is exalted in meena in 4th house but the lord guru is debillitated or vakri (retrograde),then the results will be late.

  10. Respected Sir,
    Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful sadhana.

    I want to buy a big bungalow for my parents and me
    Our house is not big.
    If possible please suggest a sadhana for buying my dream house se soon as possible.

    And do we need to see chakras in navgrah sadhana?
    Thank you

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. moon is the karaka of mind.

      chant mantra of chandra (moon)also

  12. Dear Ashok sir,
    Can a person with retrograde shukra do this?

  13. Any upaay for retrograde Shukra?

    1. ॐ द्रां, द्रीं दौं सः शुक्राय नमः।
      21 rosary for 21 days using sphatik mala. Sit facing east on a white velvet aasan

  14. Good Information. people who are effected by weak venus should chant this mantra.

  15. When should we chant this Shukra mantra like during the day or at night?


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