Banyan Tree Remedy for Girls Marriage

Worshipping certain trees and seeking their blessings to resolve problems is a common ritual in the Hindu religion. The worship of trees is also believed to help resolve all kinds of obstacles and hurdles, which prevent a girl in getting married. In this post, I have explained a simple form of worshipping the Banyan tree, which is believed to remove the hurdles and clear the path of the girl wishing to get married.

The remedy has to be practiced on the day of Purnima; this is the day of the Full Moon according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar and come exactly in-between the Bright and Dark halves of the Month. On this day, the girl facing problems in getting married should do 108 Parikrama of the Vatvriksha, which is the Bargad tree, known as the Banyan tree in English.

This tree also known as the Kalpavriksha, a wish fulfilling tree, and considered to be a sacred tree in Hinduism and it is believed to be the resting place of Shri Krishna.  Parikrama, mean walking around something in a circular manner, it is a common rite in Hindu temples.

 This Vidhi can also be done on the day of Vat Purnima, which a most sacred Tithi in the Hindu religion on which Hindu wives keep a fast and worship the Vat Vriksha, seeking divine protection  for their husbands. If done on this day, the woman should only perform the Parikrama and not tie the thread around the Banyan tree, like the fasting wives.

Another somewhat simpler tree worship for resolving marriage related problems is watering the Banyan, Peepal [Sacred Fig tree] or the Banana tree on Thursdays.

Apart from what is mentioned in this article, there is no other kind of Puja-Vidhi-Worship for practicing this Totka.

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