Madhumati Yogini Mantra from Bhoot Damar Tantra

The Yogini Mantra Sadhana described in this post is the Madhumati Yogini Mantra Experiment, which is contained in the Bhoot Damar Tantra. If the practitioner succeeds in invoking and appeasing the Madhumati Yogini, he enjoys unbelievable physical pleasure everyday with the Yogini and with her blessings, he turns into a handsome and attractive gentleman and gets the paranormal power of going anywhere he pleases.

The Bhoot Damar Tantra describes the Madhumati Yogini as being extremely beautiful and having a spotless complexion like that of Spathik and adorned with exotic jewelry, including necklace, Noopur, Kayur and Kundal embedded with the most expensive jewels.

The Bhoot-Damar Tantra says that this is a very rare, secret and most powerful Mantra Sadhana. The basic guidelines contained in the Bhoot Damar Tantra are as follows-

1] The Madhumati Yogini Mantra Sadhana should be started on the day of the Pratipada.

2] The practitioner should draw an image in the likeliness of the Madhumati Yogini on a Bhojpatra with Kumkum Paste inside a Ashtadal Padma [a lotus flower having eight petals].

3] The Madhumati Yogini Mantra given below should be chanted 1000 times and then the Yogini should be worshiped with Dhoop, Deep of Pure Ghee, Gandham, Pushpa, and Prasad.

ॐ ह्रीं आगच्छ अनुरागिणि मैथुनप्रिये स्वाहा ||
Om Hreem Aagachchha Anuraagini Maithunpriye Swaha ||

4] The same procedure should be followed for the whole month and on the day of Purnima, the practitioner should worship the Yogini in the same manner mentioned above and chant the Mool Mantra throughout the day and night.

If the practitioner succeeds in appeasing the Madhumati Yogini, she will  appear before him every morning. She will also give him all types of women, including Dev-Kenya, Nag-Kanya, Danav-Kanya, Yaksh-Kanya, Gandharva-Kanya for giving him physical pleasure and enjoyment beyond his wildest imagination.

The Madhumati Yogini gives the practitioner all kinds of gems and jewelry and 100 gold coins daily. She also gives the practitioner expensive, rare and magical items from Swarg Loka and Paatal Loka.

The practitioner becomes very good looking, desirable and attractive and free from diseases and ailments and with the blessing of the Yogini he has a very long life-span.

The Madhumati Yogini Mantra has also been described as a Sarva Karya Siddhi Mantra, which gives success in all tasks and for the fulfillment of wishes.

Note-As this is a Mantra Prayoga for the most advanced and experienced practitioner of Mantra Shastra, the practitioner has to follow other practices like Aang Nyas and other practises, which he finds suitable for this Mantra Sadhana. 


  1. मधुमती को ही अन्यत्र अनुरागी यक्षिणी के नाम से भी विहित किया गया है. मंत्र उपर्युक्त ही . .विधि मे तनिक भिन्नता इस प्रकार है-
    भोजपत्र पर कुमकुम से लिखकर प्रतिपदा से पूजन प्रारंभ करे,त्रिकाल मे तीन हज़ार जप करे.एक महीने बाद रात्रि मे जप करे. .आधी रात के समय यक्षिणी प्रसन्न होकर आएगी और एक हज़ार स्वर्ण मुद्रा दे जाएगी.

    1. apka contact facebook par kaise ho skta hai. ya whatsapp

    2. Satya Ji,
      Is the Yakshini's name anuraagee OR anuraaginee? Did you misspell the name? Please clarify Sir.

  2. What is the catch?
    I mean there must be some catch, ryt?
    Like what if I refuse to have sex with a girl?!!(cause I'm homosexual)
    What if I do something wrong in the procedure?
    And above all,WHAT WILL SHE(IT)DEMAND IN RETURN?(cause there must be some price for such highly AMAZING LIFE)
    PLs somebody answer my queries.

  3. Dear Neel , I have some questions:
    1. Image of madhumati yogini devi is to be drawn on actual lotus flower OR
    On bhojpatra , draw ashtadal kamal and draw within the circle ?
    2. Is there any reference of Time for this sadhana like
    brahma muhurat or night time after 10 or midnight ?

    3. Duration of sadhana - its mentioned to start from pratipada till pournima .
    that makes 15 days , not a month .
    is this correct .
    4. Anga Nyass mantra is not mentioned in the post .
    Can you clarify , because nyass is done according to mantra
    5. which mala is suitable for success in this prayog?
    6. CLothes colour, direction etc are mentioned for this ?

    1. The image should be drawn inside an image of the ashtadal kamal.
      Specific timings have not been mentioned in the Tantra.
      The Tithi after Purnima to the next Purnima is about a month.
      The other details are not mentioned in the Tantra, hence, I have added the note that these are left to the Sadhak to decide for himself.

    2. just one doubt
      sir but its mentioned in post to start from pratipada(1) to pournima (15) ,
      in comment you mentioned purnima to purnima .
      which one is right ?

    3. The Pratiparda or the day after Purnima to the next Purnima comes to about 30 days.

    4. neel sir , in point number 4 , please explain the last day of sadhana on purnima .
      One has to chant throughout day and night , means I can do it in my mind thoughout the day , while doing regular activities .
      The actual 1000 times mantra japa gets complete in 1 hour .

    5. Hi, Tom, can you read hindi? or you are chanting mantra as written (spelling) in english?
      you have to chant the mantra throughout night, it means that you may need to chant for several hours for siddhi (at last night). the 1000 recitation of the mantra will not take much time, it may be completed in 30 minutes.

  4. Satya Ji,
    So are you trying to say Madhumati and AnurAginI Yakshini are one and the same? Please clarify.

    1. मुझे एक पुरानी पुस्तक मे अनुरागी यक्षिणी का यह विवरण पढ़ने को मिला था.यक्षिणियो के बारे मे विभिन्न टीकाकारो ने विभिन्न विवरण दिए हैं,
      (स्रोत-कौतुकरत्न भांडागार,संवत 1961)

  5. Very informative and thanks for sharing it.
    Here is the more information about the Lalitha Sahasranamam - Introduction to Yoginis.


  6. In this mantra their is not mention madumati in this mantra why Anuragini yakshini is mention.Neel Sir please can you tell me madumati and Anuragini are same? Neel sir you already given Anuragini yakshini mantra in previous many months had passed. Their mentioned that Anuragini wear red colour dress she has long finger n no soles on her feet.And Anuragini is tamas guni n very scary n for advance sadhka only that mentioned you Neel sir. Neel sir please reply me. I WANT TO KNOW that Madumati and Anuragini are same or not.sri guru gee I will wait for your answer please reply me. Dear Neel Sir.

    1. This is madhumati yogini who is also called as anuragini yogini. Just like there is Padmini Yakshini are also Padmini apsara and yogini

  7. Neel sir Anuragini yakshini and madumati are same?sir you already given Anuragini mantra many month had passed. Anuragini wear red saree n hand with skull finger long n most scary things is no soles on her feet.Neel sir you have said that that is tamas guni n for advance sadhaka only on previous Anuragini mantra.Neel sir Please tell me Is Anuragini yakshini and Madumati are same?If this is Madumati mantra than why Anuragini name on it? Please guru gee reply me.I will wait for your answer. Dear Neel sir.

    1. The Mantra as explained in the post is from the Bhoot Damar Tantra, which is a much more authoritative sacred text.
      This text names her as Madhumati Yogini and not Yakshini.
      Hence, likely to be a different entity, however, I am not sure about it.

    2. Neel Sir,
      As per my research, Asht Yakshini is indeed Asht Yogini. So Anuragini Yakshini and Madhumati Yogini are the same. Their names and Mantra vidhi... how similar they are! Ratipriya and Ratisundari- both needs portrait and in golden complexion. Some of their names are exactly the same! Like Padmini Yakshini- Padmini yogini, Surasundari Yakshini and Surasundari Yogini... The others can be thought in this way, too. But Sir, on the last day Madhumati's Mantra should be chanted throughout the night and NOT day and night, just as described in Anuragini's Sadhana vidhi. OK, I have told the secret too much.

  8. Nilji, thanks for sharing us such a rare Sadhana. But can I do it without any guidance from guru, I mean to start such a difficult and occult Sadhana, one must get proper guidance at every step.
    And mostly in your article you write, the information provided is just for knowledge, if I want to learn Sadhana where I can find help?
    People might read the article, take out their own meaning and after doing Sadhana with half knowledge might get harmed to themselves.
    I am really interested doing this Sadhana but im in doubt that doing it all alone will not give required results. And kindly provide the image which to be drawn on bhojpatra, if possible. Thanks
    Awaiting your reply.

    1. All the information contained in the Bhoot Damar Tantra has been given in the post.
      The Sadhana as mentioned in the note is only for advanced Sadhaks, who could use the information as a guideline.

    2. Pranamam,

      If you are an expert in doing sadhanas, meditations and chanting mantras then you can do it by yourself or else please do it by proper guidelines.
      First you need to know about the Sadhana. Here is the more information What is Sadhana.
      I hope this information will helpful for you.

  9. Neel ji, in net a website says that Madhumati Yogini is a form of Adi Shakti MahaKali.

    1. If you read the post, you will see that I have given a Mantra Sadhana, which appears in a specific Tantric text.

  10. neel sir , in step 3
    it is mentioned that after japa count is complete , then we have to do 5 panhopchar puja

    but generally we do panchopchar pujan before starting mantra jaap .
    so is this correct to do afterwards ?

    1. This is the procedure mentioned in the Bhoot Damar Tantra.

    2. very powerful Sadhana indeed but meant for the initiated or advanced practitioners only. Madhumati will test the person by showing different kind of fear on the 30th day. If the person is unperturbed till 4 am , she will appear in gentle form and bless the practitioner. This is the reason, you need a guru. The fear is very real in the sense that your consciousness/state of mind might be affected so much so you might become abnormal. Be careful while doing such sadhanas.

    3. brother , From where have you mentioned the reference of practising till 4 am ?

      I did the mantra prayog as mentioned above , without using the bhojpatra image and used shri yantra to invoke the yogini .

      I could very clearly feel the mantra vibes and some had some experiences in form of internal energy current sensations .
      But the physical manifestation or any indication in dreams did not happen .

      I did the chanting from 10 pm night to 11 pm. total 1000 chants as mentioned .

      Are there any other secrets or procedures to accomplish this sadhana

      and if chanting has to be done till 4 am , then at what time one has to start ?

    4. In my opinion, Finishing this mantra chanting of 1000 times in one hour is hasty; Chanting a mantra should be neither hasty nor slow.

    5. Der Tom Sawyer, did you got what written in results. pls share

    6. no , the siddhis are obtained on actual manifestation of the yogini .
      i did sadhanas earlier as well so i can say i could definitely feel the vibes of the mantra .
      I am planning to extend the duration and amount of the chanting in next attempt .maybe 1000 everyday is not sufficient .

    7. Tom It is difficult if not impossible to manifest such spiritual entities without good Dhyana/meditation after Japajap. You must focus on Agya chakra to have the entity slowly manifest herself. Your meditative focus gives her subtle form a physical reality. However to get a siiddhi, it is not necessary for the entity to manifest. Especially true of lower level spirits. Yogini is not a Yakshni as many get confused. She is the sub forms of Kali and one of the few spiritual practices where the negative overtones are not so much pronounced.

    8. thanks for replying
      one thing i want to clarify
      You mentioned that on last day one has to chant till 4 am
      So when does one have to start ?
      12 midnight is the right time ?

      and about the dhyaan part you mentioned , it is to be done after daily japa .
      Can you tell more about that part ?

      And during meditation , on what thing should concentration be done ?
      the bjojpatra image
      or closing eyes and thinking of the form of yogini?


    9. On the final day the chant starts from day itself say 5-6 pm and will go non stop till 4 am. If Yogini does not show up by then, it means you need to do more. (Since you are not deekshit to do a Veer or Ugra Sadhana, it is normal for you to not attain results in 1st go or even 10 rounds). With Deeksha and Guru, one time is enough.
      There is generally dasansha (10% of Japa) havan and 1% tarpan(water oblation) with marjan. Since the exact havan samagri for Madhumati is not known to me (A guru might be able to tell you),you can do a kumaribhoj instead (feeding 7-11 minor girls.) This will give strength to the entity.
      Dhyana needs to be done daily after Japa. 15-30 minutes. Focus should be on her mantra and image. Bhojpatra/ Yantra and other different kind of Nyasa etc are are necessary if not doing Dhyana. If you are a Dhyana expert, these are not required.
      There are so many other things that is needed in order to succeed. I possibly cannot write all those here. For these reasons, there is Guru Shishya parampara that makes you daksh (skilled) and capable of attempting these kind of Sadhanas. Or you can keep trying and learning bit by bit. There is no shortcut to this magic. For general masses, such practices and mantras will remain no more than a word containing no power and will result in disbelief in power of such Mantra Sadhanas.
      Best of Luck!!

  11. Sir small doubt which mala can be used , can we avoid sex with the girl which yogini. Gives to us, will yogini harm us and daily bhojpatra should be collected or should be immersed in flowing river

  12. Sphatik/ Quartz mala. Needs to be energized. You can worship her as your mother. She is almost like mother of the the most powerful Yogini. The word maithunpriye in the mantra does not essentially mean the routine physical sex we know. This rahasya /mystery can be known from a Guru. Can she harm the sadhak ? Well you are worshiping her in Soumya rupa (gentle form) she will not..but it might take 7-20 years to attain siddhi. The Sadhana provided here by brother Neel is a Veer Sadhana (Advanced) where she is worsipped in her ferocious form to be sought in 1 month. Ask yourself..if you have not had any experience with lower level are you going to cope with such a forceful entity..?

  13. Anuragini yogini air madhumati yogini ye dono aik hi h kya guru g real btaye

  14. Hi sir ,if the sadhak is successful ,how will he ba able to see the yogini and have sex with her or the kanyas that she provides as they are from other worlds? Also will she be there permanently for the sadhak? what are the required rituals for this sadhna according to your expertise? And has anyone seen a mahashakti swaroop yogini or apsara by their eyes?

  15. Neel Sir , Do you know from where i can buy Tantric books like Bhoot damar tantra / Vam tantra book online ? I checked in google but most of the books are in hindi language ..i would like to buy malayalam language tantric book...Kindly reply ..

    1. I do not know where to find Malayalam books, you can look up the local Malayalam book stores.

  16. Sir
    After this sadhana any problem in family and marriage life please replay


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