Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yantra to Make People Behave Properly

A special numerical Yantra, which can be kept on the body to make people behave properly in a courteous and cooperative manner has been described by me in this post. Even though this is not a typical Vashikaran or Attraction Yantra, the working of this Yantra is technically the same.

There is no special kind of energizing, infusing, any form of Puja-Mantra-Vidhi or any other kind of ritual or worship involved for making and using this Yantra. This Yantra is basically a combination of certain unique numbers vibrating to a specific frequency that makes all the people you come in contact with act or conduct themselves in a proper manner.

The Yantra can be drawn as shown by me in the image on a blank white piece of paper with blue or black ink in any language, including your mother tongue.

The numbers are as follows-
First Row- 73-81-2-7
Second Row- 6-3-79-76
Third Row- 79-74-8-1
Fourth Row- 1-4-5-75

Vashikaran Spell to Make People Behave Properly
Yantra to Make People Behave Properly

For those who always ask, I should mention that the Yantra can be prepared at any time on any day. The Yantra is not dedicated to any Hindu deity nor does it invoke any paranormal and mystical entity.

Then, the Yantra can be kept on the body in the purse, pocket or in a locket.

This concludes the Yantra Experiment, which is called in the Hindi language as the Sabko Ko Anukul Banane Ka Yantra Prayog.

Note- This does not mean that if you are using this Yantra, you can behave in a selfish, arrogant and rude manner with anyone, sooner or later your bad Karma will catch up with you and make your pay dearly.

The Yantra can be of great use to everyone, including business-persons, office-goers and housewives to make their husbands, children and in-laws behave in a polite and courteous manner.


  1. Neelji,
    I want to use his yantra for my daughter who is 5. Should I keep it in her school bag?

  2. Dear Neel Ji,

    Can this Yantra be prepared on any ordinary paper with any colour ink in normal (English/Roman) numbers or only Hindi Numerics are to be used on some particular paper using special pen and special ink.

    1. Yes, read the post, it is all mentioned in the post.

  3. neel ji,
    i would appreciate your reply to the first query. can i keep it in my daughters bag?
    thank you.

    1. I have already answered that, it can be kept in the daughters school bag.

  4. Hi neel hi sir, can I wear this yantra wen having sex ??

  5. Neal Ji, some people ask answers


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