Thursday, March 31, 2011

Powerful Mantra to destroy enemies

 This is considered a most powerful mantra to destroy enemies. This is an Aghori Protection Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra.The mantra is a Stambhan mantra to stop the enemy in his tracks.
This mantra has to be recited 108 times taking the name of the enemy, who is harming you. This it has been stated in the Tantra will destroy his intellect.
I request you to be careful in practicing some of the mantras which I have given. These are not to be taken lightly and used for fun.

Om namo bhagwate vishwamitraya namah
Sarvamukhibhyam vishwamitragyamatiagachh swaha ll
नमो भगवते विश्वामित्राय नम:
सर्वमुखीभ्यां विश्वामित्राज्ञामतिआगच्छ स्वाहा ll


  1. Shd i ned 2 take the name of my enemy everytime i recite this mahamantra. Plus shd i rect mx enemy name in d begning of the mantra or at d end

  2. any procedures to follow before reciting mantra such as place, position, special poojas, name of enemy in front or back

  3. please tell me when to say the name of a person.whether it is in the beginning or at the end.and please tell me the procedures before doing this mantra

  4. the scripture says remember in your mind the name of your enemy before reciting the mantra

  5. don't understand the language for the mantra can it be converted to English

  6. Hi I have some queries .

    1/Do i need to buy a new mala for reciting these mantras,or can I use my present one.I use it to recite simple Shiv Mantras. Is there any particular time (like full moon, ect.) to start these mantras?

    2. While reciting mantras should we face some particular direction, or we can face anywhere ?

    3. Can women recite these mantras throughout the month or they should not recite these for few days because of purification reasons ?

    Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of mantras with us .

    1. Guys, please someone reply to my queries .

    2. No such rules are prescribed in the Rudrayamala Tantra. Whatever is mentioned is included in the post.

    3. Hi, Thanks guys for replying to my queries .So basically I can start reciting these mantras any time and anywhere .

    4. Please tell me
      can I recite this mantra after dinner, without any mala and any time
      please tell me

    5. shri neel has given us hundreds of other mantras by which we can improve ourselves. Then why should we bother to affect or destroy enemies. Enemies are also creation of the God. God will take care to control them when time comes. Meanwhile, spend our energy for our own progress.If someone does not like my saying so, please pardon me and accept my namaskarams.

  7. Can I recite this mantra anytime like after dinner, without any flower, mala etc.
    Please tell me

  8. Replies
    1. thanks
      but one more question
      can i mind the enemy name before entire mantra or before each mantra

    2. just remember against whom you are directing the mantra a mental image of the person

  9. Swamiji,

    I have been reciting this mantra for more than 2 months. On some days just 1 mala (108 times) and on some days 2, 3, 4 or 5 malas depending on availability of time. Sometimes at the Pooja-Ghar in my house but most of the times in my car while commuting to my office from home and back. So far I have completed 105 malas but nothing has happened to my enemies (they are 2 males). Could you please advise me. They have grown so powerful and influencing Senior Management to compell me quit from the Job/ Office. Yesterday evening, I got to know about their evil plannings. This is unbearable mental pressure now. What should I do?

    1. There is one word of god - a prayer in bible., this will help you ..try this -


      All the best
      p.s. Dont worry about religion, god is one and he will help.

  10. Namo Narayan!

    Thank you for a fantastic informative site. Indeed!

    So, I have one question. After this mantra it´s written - 11? What does it mean?

    Like this:
    Sarvamukhibhyam vishwamitragyamatiagachh swaha ll?

    1. || denotes the end of a sentence; like a full stop.

    2. Swamiji, I don't have a direct enemy, but its my friend's wife who has done extra marital affairs twice, and now living apart from last two years, but harrassing by putting three fake cases like 498a, Domestic Violence case, 406 and maintenance and pressurizing for reconciliation, so can i chant this mantra for him or he himself has to chant to get divorce from her, please reply, as he is in real trouble.

  11. can i used this mantra for destroy the enemy and how i can used for it......please answer my question...... :)

  12. am very much disturbed with one enemy and she is very much giving trouble between me and my friend. by residing this manthra will it create problem between my friend and her? i want she must leave my friend with misunderstanding. will it create problem between them? pl reply me

  13. How long will one have to chant this mantra? 21 days, 40 days/ Any specific duration?

  14. I recited the above mantra but it did not work.. So I request you for another mantra like this which will really effect. thanks

  15. If it's a matter of destroying the intellect of an enemy and that enemy is a politician, forget it... they normally have no intellect to be destroyed in the first place.

  16. Hello sir kya aap husband or wife k bich me chal rhe problem ko bhi solve kr sakte hai .. Mere husband sirf apne Bahi or ma ki hi sunte hai chahe wo kitne halt ho ... Or unke is vayvhaar k karan main mere ghr aagyi or ab muje waps nhi aane de rhe .. Mera daver bahut galt hai Sab uski waje se he ho rha hai main kya karu pls help me .. Mere pati ko main apna kaise banau .. Pls help me ager aap kuch kr sake to pls help thanks

  17. i would like to ask about mahakali , can we keep her in our house , cause my aunt said people dont get married if we keep her in the house

  18. A neighbor who's a loser is coming between me and my man and can't wait to destroy him cause he's doing damage to my relationship!

  19. My sister has completed 7 years of her marriage. But she is unable to conceive. She has gone through number of treatments but nothing has helped her. I request you to suggest me a puja or a mantra which I can perform to help my sister to come out of her agony.

    I hope you'll not remain unheard to my request. Please reply...

  20. Why Destroy Enemies ? LoL
    All here Bad People or what ? why so many Hate ?
    A good Person must be forgive and with full of love.
    A good Person has a Positive Attitude, and he or she trust God.

    Solution 1 : Pray for your enemies, and they become better people, when your enemy not change, you became a better Person, because you have no hate in your inner side, you are free, your life is a Heaven Like.

    Solution 2: Remove yourself from enemy, move house etc...

    Solution 3: Use the Law, against mobbing etc. call the police or go to law court.

    Solution 4: Give her or him a strong slap on the face, and say be a good person you motherfucker LOL or you burn in hell.

    Solution 5: Make Meditation, Sex with a partner, all what is fun and joy, for your positive emotion.

    Solution 6: Make More Sex, your lose your Ego in the Sex act, the ego brings sometimes trouble and pain. Say more yes and less no, this destroys your ego.

    Solution 7: Make More good deeds, Example donate to the poor and help the poor, your feel afterwards better and is four your subconsious mind better and helpful, you fill your subconsious mind with good deeds. Remember: you can forget, but your subconsious mind never forgets. after death the subconsious mind will help you to reach heaven, because you have filled it with good deeds, but the good deeds must come frome the heart, not to reach the heaven, otherwise this good deeds is a supermarket and you are a liar and hypocrite, dissembler.



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