Kali Mantra to Transfer Poverty

In this post, I have described a unique and interesting Shabar Vidya Mantra Prayog to transfer your poverty by way of charity to another person. Even though, the Mantra invokes Kali Mata, the Shabar Tantra has not prescribed any special form to worship or ritual , which is dedicated towards Kali Mata.

The Shabar Vidya Tantra has specially recommended this Poverty Transfer Mantra Experiment should be performed during the most auspicious days of the Hindu Festival of Diwali.

The Mantra Prayog procedure is as follows-
1] Sit down comfortably on a sitting mat facing the East Direction.

2] Keep a Copper Plate or Puja-Thali in-front of you and keep a Coconut in the plate and write your name on the coconut using Keasr[Saffron] Paste as the ink and a pointed wooden stick as the pen.

3] Then, offer a few drops of Ganga Jal and Flowers to the Coconut and then light a Pure Ghee Diya and Agarbatti/Dhoop in-front of the Coconut.

4] Then, chant the Kalika Mantra given below for 7 Malas or 756 Mantra Repetitions using a Red Coral Counting Rosary[Lal Moonge Ki Japa Mala].
ॐ क्रीं कालिके दरिद्रता विनाशिन्ये हुँ फट् ||
Om Kreem Kalike Daridrataa Vinaashinye Hum Fatt ||

5] Lastly, after completing the Mantra Chanting, you should yourself, with your own hands donate the Coconut to a poor person as Daan.  In this manner your poverty is transferred to that poor person by way of charity and your house becomes free from the clutches of poverty.

This concludes the Mantra Experiment to transfer your poverty or Apni Daridrata Daan Me Dene Ka Mantra Prayog as this experiment is called in the Hindi language.


  1. can we transfer it to the person who stole all our money(is not poor)

    1. If you want to take revenge, then you can do that.

  2. नील जी नमस्ते मैं जानना चाहता हूं शाबर मंत्रों के लिए किसी गुरु की आवश्यकता होती है
    अगर गुरु ना हो तो कैसे कर सकते हैं हम

    1. A Guru can guide you, that is if you find a true Guru.
      If you are mentally advanced then there is no need for a Guru.

  3. Pranaam Guruji,
    1. Should we donate the coconut on the same day of the completetion of the vidhi or can we donate later, like within 3-5 days.
    2. Should we call the poor person to our home or can we go outside to find a begger and donate the coconut away from home.
    Please guide. Thnks

  4. Dear Sir,
    Plz clarify, which coconut to be used for the sadhana. Is it, with full fiber (example:which will be offered in saibaba dhuni) or plain coconut, which we use to break before god.
    Awaiting for your reply eagerly. Thank you

    1. You can use the normal coconut that is broken before an idol of a deity.

    2. Thank you very very much, Sir...

  5. Sir pranam...

    Sir can we perform this ritual on other festival days ....like HOLY...March 2021
    Pranam sir


  6. One more things sir ...nariyal pani wala lena hai ya dry fruit coconut...plz clear also this.

    Pranam sir




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