Mantra to get Super Intuition Powers

Sadhaks and readers today,  I will share with all of you, a very rare Sadhana which is extremely powerful and effective for getting the power of intuition. Post By Aditya Kaviraj

After practicing this Sadhana, if you will think about any work you will get beforehand information about that work in your mind and get a clear mental picture of the future events, you will also sometimes know about future events.

The simple procedure of practicing this Mantra Sadhana for enhancing your powers of intuition is given below.

Hindu Mantra Chant to get Super Intuition Powers

1) When you are retiring to bed at night, you have to relax your body and make sure nobody disturbs you, while you are practicing the Mantra Sadhana.

2) Then,  forget that your body and soul are different from each other for example while watching a movie you forget about your physical body and get fully involved with the movie. In the same manner you have to become fully involved with the Beej and think about nothing else.

3) Then,  you have to chant the Beej given below taking a long breath like people how people chant oooooommmmmm during their meditation classes.

4) Chant this mantra for 10-15 minutes for 40 days.

Gyang (ग्यंग)


  1. Dear कविराज Sir,
    Does this mantra also gives u mind reading powers?

    1. No for that different sadhnas are there but u will get a idea

    2. Please give power for mind reading , please please please , iIknow 10 people in my life who know mind reading , but i cant, i want to read people '' mind.
      I have been gangstalked by a group , they trying to harass me , if I get what's in their mind, I could defend myself atleast , please tell me how to read mind, thank you very much s sir .. . Please reply. . .

  2. Sir is there any mantra to get girlfriend

    1. This is one of the guy who is gangstalking me , making fake id's and harassing me . . Please help kaviraj sir and neel sir. .

  3. Sir pls give us a mantra to read minds.I can at times anticipate others thoughts but I need to take it to the next level by being able to read others minds.A humble request if u cud give us a post.

  4. there is no such thing as ¨real¨ mind reading in Kali Yuga Era....that technique was lost years & years ago. REal mind reading is with all senses (past,present, & future)..... and only a deity can do that...

    To¨ mind read¨ You have to train and open your chakras for accurate listening.

    Also certain wood amulets/Japa Mala absorb radiation and allow you to understand vibrations emanating from individuals

    1. I have met atleast 10 person who could read my mind .
      So please don't tell that it isn't, they correctly read my mind 100%.
      One was a tantrik from who lived at mountain.
      One was a lineage of prophet mohammed and priest at famous dargah

  5. So the mantra is: ज्ञं ग्यंग (Gyan Gyang)? Is it necessary to say Om before it?

    1. Its gyang g will be silent
      How a bell sounds in temple tanggg in that g is silent with half nasal tone
      In that way gynng

  6. Guruji Aditya,
    While chanting this mantra,upon which god or goddess or upon what thing should i concentrate?

  7. Dear Guruji,I would like to humbly request you to write of a mantra which can help a person to become pure of the heart and soul so that all his actions are aligned with goodness and divinity without a trace of ego or malice in his heart. Also which can give me the power to heal others mind and body. I shall be eagerly awaiting your reply.

  8. Can I recite this mantra while lying in bed or do I have to sit in some yogasan to recite this mantra .


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