Mantra Prayog for Swapna Darshan of Shiva

This is a really simple looking but in fact a tough Shiva Mantra Prayog through which one can get Swapna Darshan [Vision in a Dream]of Lord Shiva using the famous and most popular Salutation Mantra of Shiva – Om Namah Shivay,

The procedure is simple and rules and regulations are also basic and not very tough but what is really important in the faith and dedication with which the devotee performs this Mantra Prayoga – Post By a Sadhak. 

Start the Shiva Swapna Darshan Mantra Prayoga from a Monday as it is an auspicious day for performing any kind of worship or rituals related to Shiva.

Go to a Shivalaya or a temple where there is a Shivling and offer Bilva Patra and water- milk or Panchamrit depending on you every day.

It will be better if you chant a Ganesha Mantra 3 times a day given in the Ganesha Worship Section for success before starting the Mantra Prayog procedure and pray to lord Shiva for success.

After this, you have to simply chant the Mantra 325000 times in 11 days to get success. Moreover, if you  are unable to do chant it during the specified number of 11 days, then you can complete the Mantra Chanting in 15 days but after 11 days the chances of success are low.  However,  faith and belief in Lord Shiva is of utmost importance.

If you are spiritually advanced, devoted and have having faith in Lord Shiva you can get Darshan of Lord Shiva, even during the days of the Mantra Prayog.

Basic rules have to be followed other than that nothing much is required use can use a Rudraksha Beads Japa Mala for this purpose.

Similarly using same Mantra – Om Namah Shivay,  many Prayogas can be done. I will make efforts to write about them in the future.

In my experience, this type of Mantra Prayog never fails no matter how simple it looks without and elaborate procedure.


  1. Aditya Brother, How it is possible 325000 Jap's in 11 days means 29546 Jap's has to do in a single day so, in no. of mala's per day comes to 274 it takes 22.8 hr's if one male takes 5 mins, I think you made mistake in typing somewhere please check and clarify, brother.

    1. भानु भाई .....आप सिर्फ " शिवाय " बोल कर भी कर सकते हो ....मुझे मेरे गुरूजी ने कहा हे ...लेकिन मैने
      अभी तक ये प्रयोग किया नहीं .... ॐ नमः शिवाय - या - नमः शिवाय - या - शिवाय ....ट्राय करके अनुभव करो ..... ||||||||||||||||||| जय शिव शम्भू ||||||||||||||||||......नरहरि पटेल ( U.S.A.) .. from : गुजरात

  2. Listen brother it is not to exegerate nor i am praising myself but i have completed 42000 chants in a day
    One mala dont take 5 mins if u will chant slowly then also

    Another thing i will post a same sadhna in future which will n eed 135000 chants

  3. So we have to do japa fastly.
    Om namaha Shivaya
    Thank you very much

  4. Yea u can do it fastly
    The person who gave this sashna claims that he has completed it in 6 days only i also asked the same how is it possible he only said go ahead u will be able to
    In 12-13 hours u can do it
    And getting darshan of lord shiva is not a small thing in only 11 days

  5. One thing i would like to mention ashok mehta ji was very correct today prople only want to do 50-60 mala and want to get darshan in 21 days and some dont want to do that also
    Its not as easy as watching tv

  6. Hello,

    I would like to have an easy mantra to help my friends whose separated husband is sexually, physically assaulting her 5 year old daughter for the last 2 years. My friend has done everything to punish him but he has friends at all places - police, court etc. that she is finding it hard to win the case and this guy is making stories that mother is teaching the child against him. He is also doing black magic on the child, like cutting her hairs and sometimes blood when she goes to live with his dad every other weekend. He is using all his influence to blame mom so he could get the child custody and make her a child prostitute. I have been reading hanuman chalisa for the child but its not helping very much. my friend is of sikh religion and can not read hindi or Sanskrit. Is there any remedy so that she could protect her and her daughter

    1. Bhai if what u r saying is true then it is very sad ...i dont kno much but i kno this u can do maa banglamukhi mantra for that u can also hire some pandit he will do it for ur sake but self is best....

  7. one two or three lakh chant this is all wasting time .if you want the real meet with the lord shivya the chose a place alone room with peace and calm then relex your body after chating slowely slowely and feel you are not chant the word coming in your heart after some days you got what ever you want .

    1. hiii guruji mujhe shivji ke darshan chahiye milna hai unhe kya shivji ke pratyaksh darshan nahin ho sakte samne dekhkar batein karni hai kya nahin ho sakta upay dijiye guruji pratyaksh darshan ke liye.aur din mein kitne mala ya jaap karna hai?plz reply aur plz ye bataye shiv temple jana jaruri hai kya ghar mein shivji ke murti puja nahi kar sakte mere pas shivji ki murti hai shivaling nahin hai kya nahin chalega .plz reply

    2. plz give some upay for shiv darshan there are no easy ways to get pratyaksh darshan of lord shiva

  8. Does that mean you have seen my father is it after performing this Sadhana. Kindly confirm


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