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Teevra Shakti Hanuman Mantra

Following is a very very powerful and Teevra Shakti Hanuman Mantra Experiment to fulfill wishes. The Mantra Sadhana is very strictly for Hanuman devotees. Others stay away. There isn't much to say to about the Mantra Sadhana so I will go ahead with the procedure. – Ashok Mehta

Mantra procedure:
1. Start from first Tuesday of a Shukla Paksha.
2. Start this Sadhana early in the morning.
3. In the bath water, add some black sesame seeds and then bathe. Then, Sit facing the north or west direction on a red velvet Aasan wearing only, inner clothes and a red colored dhoti. If this is not possible, at least make sure that whatever clothes you are wearing are red in color.
4. Keep a Bajrang Yantra and Rama Yantra in front of you on a mount of red rice side by side. Behind the mount keep a Mahavir Hanuman photo. Light an oil lamp in an earthen Diya.
5. Recite your Guru Mantra for 4 rosaries, the Sankatnashak Ganesh Stotra once, the Shiva Mool Mantra for 1 rosary and the Rama Mool Mantra for 1 rosary in this order.
6. Then, take a Sankalp for getting your respective wish being fulfilled.
7. Chant 11 rosaries for 40 days using a Rudraksh rosary.

Teevra Shakti Hanuman Mantra of Unbelievable Strenght
Teevra Shakti Hanuman Mantra
Guidelines -
1) The Mantra Prayog is very strictly for Rama or Hanuman devotees only.
2) Only men can chant this Hanuman Mantra.
3. The Mantra is very very powerful so do not break Brahmacharya under any circumstances. And, do not chant more than 11 rosaries daily.
4. The Mantra invokes the complete power of Hanuman so do not use it for small wishes or wishes that can be achieved by less fearsome Mantra Sadhanas.
5. The Mantra is so powerful that the person who does this Sadhana will definitely get his wishes fulfilled.
6. However, if your wish doesn't get fulfilled, don't repeat this Sadhana. This Sadhana can be done only once. Also, if within the first 5-6 days you see a scary or angry image in dreams, do not continue the Mantra Sadhana.
7. It may happen that you may see very scary and supernatural visuals or hear supernatural sounds during the Sadhana days. In such a case, do not get scared and chant the Mantra even more attentively.


  1. Dear Sir,
    In the 6th line if anyone gets scary dreams or images, it should be "Do not discontinue the mantra sandhna" according to my knowledge. You have written do not continue the mantra sandhna. And in the 7th point you have written "Do not stop the sandhna if any such scary thing happens".
    Please correct if something is by mistake written wrong.


    1. Scary or supernatural happenings in the initial days is a sign that this mantra should not be chanted. Scary visuals in the last days is a sign that the mantra is working and god is only testing you as i have already mentioned that this is a way too powerful mantra

  2. Guruji,this mantra prayog is for beginners or for highly advanced Sadhaks?

  3. Ashok Sir, i want to attempt this sadhana at any cost and i m begins on 5 July.
    1) i don't have guru & so guru mantra. What to do pls guide. Waiting for your guidance

    1. First get a guru mantra. Request Hanuman to give you a guru mantra

    2. Get a guru if you really want to advance in sadhana fields. hanuman sadhana comes in later stages of sadhana, if you do not have a guru but you sincerely want one, want to do sadhanas ,proceed in sadhana field then only you can contact me may be i can help you.

  4. 2) after 11 round of mantra jaap, yantra & rice needs to be kept till 40 days or every day we needs to put puja & after jaap visarjan. Pls advice

    1. aftewr completing 40 days, you can leave them in a river if you want

    2. Ashok Sir
      1) Bajarang & Ram yantra i m making using red ink on plain white paper is it ok
      2) can i request Hanumanji to be my guru & give me guru mantra of my choice for eg "OM RAM BHADRAY NAMH"
      3) is guru mantra 4 round, sankatnashak ganesh stotra 1 time, Shiv mool mantra 1 round & Ram mool mantra 1 round needs to do only on first day or all 40 days.
      4) till 6th day i happen to see any angry & scary image i will stop sadhana but if i see from 7th day (specifically 7th day) onwards can i continue sadhana.
      Sir waiting for your reply

    3. 1. Use copper yantras.
      2. Guru mantra is not a personal choice. And not given easily. God gives one guru mantra as per his own wish and will. You can request him to give one but giving one is only in his hands. alsi, if you do get a guru mantra, you should keep the mantra utmost secret and no one except you and Hanuman should know the guru mantra

    4. 3. It has to be done everyday
      4. Discontinue

    5. Ashok Sir, i m waiting for your guidance, tomorrow is 1st Tuesday of shuklapakshya so please reply

    6. 1) Sir if i won't get guru mantra what to do because every till 40 days i have to do 4 rounds, in that case what to do
      2) only to start on 1st Tuesday of shuklapakshya or 2nd Tuesday is also ok, otherwise i have to wait till next month because i don't have copper yantra

      Pls guide Sir

    7. guru mantra is not achieved easily. There comes a stage in spirituality where god himself gives a guru mantra without asking. I have already mentioned that this mantra is only for people who hasve been hanuman devotees for a long time. If you dont get a guru mantra dont do the sadhana

    8. Sir i am sorry, i will achieve guru mantra first

  5. Pranam sir,
    I have no any guru mantra & I want to do this sadhna. How is it possible pls show me the way.
    Thank you.

    1. If you don't have a guru mantra don't do this sadhana

  6. What about the Hanuman yantra and ram yantra, how to sidha them prior to the sadhna.

  7. Sir which kind of wish? Can u give a examples

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. any shanti karm or mohan karm wishes

  8. Ashok sir, neel sir "on shiv guru gorakhnaathaay namah" is mantra me baare me batayiye

  9. Guruji,i m 24 years old and my height is 5ft5inches....i want to be 6ft2inches....i.e.As Tall As Amitabh Bachhan....and according to doctors and medicl science....they have already stated me that it is not possible to increase my height Through MEDICAL SCIENCE....And normally a person's height(especially a male's height or boy's height) increases only up to 25.....aur main toh 24 ho chuka hoon guruji....aur 20 ke baad height increase hona bahut mushkil ho jata hai....aisa maine suna hai guruji....15 years tak mera body growth almost normal huwa...uske baad achanak stop hogaya guruji....i get insulted in humiliated insome places too and due to this my self confidence gets decreased up to a great extent....AND in the world of TANTRAS and MANTRAS....nothin is impossible so i think guruji only mantras and miracles can now increase my height........SO GURUJI IF THIS IS A BIG WISH THAT SUITS THE CONDITIONS AND CRITERIA OF THIS MANTRA....then can i do this sadhana for increasing my body height?

  10. Ashokji, can step 4 be skipped. Rest all steps can be easily managed by me including muster oil diya.
    I am seriously thinking to start this sadhana on 9th August

  11. Ashokji, since last more than 7 yrs i m dealing with financial karma. Many suggestions of astrologers followed like reading Nanath Bhaktisar, Gurucharitra & some other sadhana but situation became more worsened rather improving. now i m under huge debts which is impossible for me to earn & repay
    pls confirm, if i take sankalp to get rid on financial & relationship karma which is next to impossible for me at the moment and chant bajarang baan 11or21 times for 21 days.
    pls tell do i need to chant guru mantra, ram mool mantra, and any more

    appreciate your help & guidance

    1. I suggest you chant Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach 11 times daily for 108

    2. Ok. Do i need to chant my guru mantra before chanting panchamukhi hanuman kavach 11 times/day for 108.
      Do i need to take any sankalp.
      Sadhana u have recently published i will follow that with all niyam
      Ashokhi pls guide

  12. Sir meri umar 17 saal hai mai 5.3 keheight ka hu sir bahut sare doctors se baat ki kuch fayda nahi hai abb srif bhagwan se aasha hai sir bahut hi sharmindigi hoti hai
    Sir kya mai te upay kar sakta hu
    Sir mere pass guru mantra nahi hai
    Sir mai bachpan se shanivaar ko mandir mai hanuman ji ko tel chadhata tha
    Sir plz reply
    Ya koi aur upaay ho to plz bataye

  13. Pranam guruji mujhe do sawaal ke jawaab mil nahi rahe
    1 kya ye sadhana hanuman mandir me ho sakti hai?
    2 agar kisi apni height nadhani ho aur VAJRA jaisa sharir chahiye to ye sadhana kar sakta hai?

  14. Kya is tarah ki BHAIRAV SADHANA hai?

  15. Do not do any lord hanuman sadhana.without purify your body,karma and character it is equal to death .giving mantra is very easy but any ugra sadhana can not be perform without purification.purification means by birth,by karma and by debt of responsibility .I am advanced sadhak and warn everyone .please do not do any ugra sadhana specially lord hanuman related

    1. Kindly bless me with lord Hanuman darshan sadhana..

  16. श्री हनुमान जी की साधना ना करें.यह जानलेवा हो सकती है.उग्र देवताओं का तेज सहन करने की ताकत आजकल के लोगों में सम्भव नहीं.साधना शुरू करने के लिये गंभीर हों ता १० वर्ष कम से कम व्रम्हचर्य से,वचन से ,बिना कीसी के हाथ का छुआ लिये और सत्यवादी रहें हों तो आप श्री हनुमान जी की प्रत्क्ष दर्शन या इस तरह की साधना के योग्य हैं.विवाहित लोग को भी अपनी पत्नी तक का छुआ नहीं खाना.एक उच्च साधक के तौर पर यह सलाह दे रहे हैं.कृपया कोई भी उग्र साधना करने की कोशिश ना करें.जय सियराम

    1. गुरूजी माँ के हाथ का भी नही खा सकते क्या

      क्योकि माँ तो माँ हे इसमे गलत क्या है

  17. 1) सर अगर डरावने स्वप्न आये 5-6 दिन
    मे तो साधना ना करे ये आपने कहा है
    मगर ये
    भी कहा है की भगवान आपकी परीक्षा करेगे

    ये बात क्लीयर करे

    2) आपने लाल चावल पर राम ओर बजरंग यंत्र रखने के लिए कहा है

    मेने लाल चावल पर नही रखा
    लाल वस्त्र पर रखा तो चलेगा

    सर प्लीज़ प्लीज़ जल्द रीप्लांय दे

    1. Please follow the procedure given by the author and your bad dreams will stop.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.


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