Mantra Tantra Yantra to Destroy Enemy Mind

In this post, I have explained a rare and unique Buddhi Stambhan Tantra Mantra Yantra Experiment. This fearsome Tantric experiment is used to destroy the mind of an enemy who is unnecessarily troubling and bent upon harming some innocent and helpless person. As always clarified these fearsome Indian Tantric experiment are only for the highly advanced Practitioner of the Aghori Tantra.

The Stambhan Mantra has to be continuously chanted 1000 times to be mastered. Then for the actual experiment, a Yantra has to be prepared by writing the Mantra on a Bhojpatra with the paste of Hartal [Yellow Orpiment] and Haldi [Turmeric] Powder both in equal quantities. The Mantra has to be written using a pointed stick of a Pomegranate Tree. Remember only the Devanagari version has to be written.

Then this prepared Yantra has to be wrapped in a Green Colored piece of cloth and stitched on the outside like a Tabeez.

The Tabeez has to be then buried in the premises of the enemy. If the enemy lives in an apartment, then it has to be hidden inside the apartment. The Stambhan Tantra Prayog is thus concluded.

An India Spell to Destroy the Mind of an Sworn Enemy
Mantra to Destroy Enemy Mind

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  1. Please reply at if you know from where to buy Yellow Orpiment (Hartal) in India.

  2. sirji i have no guru then how to use mantra and black magic mantra pls give me any idea i want book to lear a magic in home

  3. Dear Neelji,
    please clarify, if the person is in out station , caan the tabeez can be burried in secular or lonely place, or any other place please suggest.

  4. Dear Neelji,
    please clarify, if the person is in out station , caan the tabeez can be burried in secular or lonely place, or any other place please suggest.

    1. As the post says, the Tabeez has to be buried inside the enemy premises, even if he is out of station.

    2. Can I bury it in a house owned by the enemy as he lives is some other city .

  5. Can I bury in a house owned by the enemy but someone else living in that house?? Enemy living some other city

    1. That would harm the person living there and not the enemy, only perform these mantra - yantra experiments as detailed in the articles.


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