Monday, October 22, 2012

Navnath Healing Mantra

This is an ancient Shabar Mantra in the Marathi script of the middle ages. The mantra was in those days used to treat sick persons suffering from high temperature fever or the fever which did not subside or the one which kept recurring every three or four days. This mantra is one among those composed by the Navnath Sampradaya in the middle ages in Maharashtra for the purpose of healing.

Take a thick block of sandalwood and rub it vigorously on a stone, granite or marble board to prepare 1 teaspoon of Sandalwood paste. A few drops of water every now and then have to be put on the board so that you get a thick paste.

Then put this Sandalwood paste in a small glass of water and stir it so that it blends nicely with the water. Then hold that glass of water in your hand and chant this rare mantra 21 times; to infuse the mixture in the glass with the mantra.

Navnath Healing Mantra for all diseases and ailments
Navnath Healing Mantra

Then give that water to the sick person suffering from fever to drink. This procedure should be repeated three times a day till the patient feels better.

As usual post written for educational purposes and not to ask you to practice the same. Also please keep in mind that the English translation has been written to come nearest to the actual pronunciations. This is because in standardized translations the sound and meaning is likely to change.

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  1. Since January 11, 2011 when I was 16, I have a disease, but doctors found nothing. I now have 20 years, I am sad, the years pass.
    Since then, my bones I feel big and hard, I feel in my flesh in my body inflammation.

    The doctors have just find and accept my pituitary gland inflammation but they are not the cause of the inflammation. I also have a very strong eczema.
    I try mantras but I can not find health. Help me Please give me a sadhana / mantra powerful to heal.
    I am very depressed that I board no longer want to live

  2. Please give me alsoa mantra for naga dosha/sarpa dosha plz
    Thank you


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