Monday, March 19, 2012

Kalki Avatar will arrive silently

Indian prophecy regarding the end time or Armageddon is more often than not linked to the arrival of Vishnu’s 10th and final Avatar. This is justified because the most creditable prophecies ever; those in the Puranas and the Bhagawad-Gita prophecy clearly indicates this event which in turn is linked to the highest point of the Kaliyuga.

There are numerous other prophecies from the Bible as well as those by Nostradamus which I have linked to the arrival of Kalki Avatar. The second coming of Jesus Christ as described in earlier posts is nothing but the ultimate manifestation of Kalki Avatar. I have been attempting to piece together all these prophecies to arrive at some logical conclusion.

This is another Bible prophecy which is clearly descriptive of what has so far been interpreted to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. This prophecy speaks of how he [Kalki Avatar] will arrive. Let’s have a look at this prophecy from the Revelation.16.15 - Behold, I will come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

This speaks of a silent arrival; an arrival which will go unnoticed by most. There have been in the past and there still are a lot of claimants to being Kalki Avatar. I have said this before and will say it again; the Kalki Avatar, who is nothing but Vishnu will posses powers which are of an unimaginable magnitude. Such powers cannot go unnoticed, anyone claiming to be Kalki Avatar will not have to show these powers; they will automatically be visible to one and all.

Again back to the Bible prophecy regarding the arrival of Kalki Avatar, it speaks of a silent emergence. This means that the arrival of Kalki Avatar will not be accompanied with pomp and fanfare. He will manifest silently and then start making his presence felt.

This prophecy which will be fulfilled at the time of the world climax states that the Satvik [pure] or the good people on earth will be saved; the evil punished. So await the silent arrival of Kalki Avatar.

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  1. Kalki avatar has already born...........

  2. kalki told me that he will come on white winged horse. kalki called by christians as kalkis. kalki called by islam as kalkeel. allah gave kalki a sword, brahma gave kalki a sword, vishnu gave a book that it tells how to kill 100 monsters of kali (100 names of allah) eshwara gave dannusu(bow) kalki is richer than kubera, sun god gave sun stone and 3 crore kg gold to kalki, gods and godesses gave so many arrows and etc.,. and india will be named as kalkisthan brahma vishnu maheshwara made a 100 pillars of golden temple for kalki. jesus yahova mary made a platinum church for kalkis (kalki) in USA. mohammad pravaktha and islam peeries made a golden mecca for kalki in iran and iraq. in heaven also devendra and his followers made a temple for kalki. etc..........,
    my name is chanda naresh kumar i am kalki's angel my numbers 7207332690 and 9542190564

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  3. he will came last this kali yoga,for finish adharma

  4. Kalki Avataar has already taken birth near biraja temple (jajpur district), odisha.

  5. What Jesus has to do with Kalki Avatar. How is it possible for you that you reject Hinduism and its scriptures and then take few verses from a couple of scriptures as true.

    The reality is that, the moment, you accept Kalki, you have to accept Hinduism and all its scriptures.


    Most of your quotations have been taken from the bible. Therefore I suggest why don’t you read the bible and get the real picture and end time prophecy and incidence specifically from the book of revelation, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and other prophets in the Bible. As you have mentioned, but Jesus is not the tenth Vishnu avatar, (we completely don’t believe in incarnation mythology) and mentioned about Krishna. Simply ignoring the fact will not erase the fact. If you study or put little sense about GOD and study the characteristics of GOD then you will know who can be the real and perfect revelation of GOD.
    “JESUS OR Krishna”
    GOD is Holy, Righteous, Perfect judge and full of Holy love .All these characteristics we see in JESUS. But all the human characteristics we find in Krishna, born in king family, need a woman and got married, playing with the girls, taking their clothes, want to see them naked during their math while they were taking bath and see them while bathing. This is not the character of GOD. But full of fleshly lusts. And not ascended to heaven. But you can easily find all the Godly characteristics in JESUS. Who revealed the godly character and he was the perfect revelation of god,
    I would suggest you as the Bible tells us in the book of revelation you will get the perfect warning those who misinterpret the Bible and it’s prophesy in the Book of Revelation be careful and repent, believe and be saved.
    There is a great warning for the people whose who misinterpret the prophecy of JESUS and his second coming.


      Faith, a forlorn hope, can be simply reinterpreted as ‘wishful thinking, a private dream, an inner attempt to give a reason to believe in something that has never been proven to have existed or happened’.


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