The THE SEVEN CHAKRAS can also be awakened through the use of these powerful shakti mantras,these mantras correspond with ROOT MANTRAS FOR THE SEVEN CHAKRAS,the meditation on the kundalini can be done by any of the methods which you feel most comfortable with.These shakti mantras are powerful and ancient Sanskrit mantras.

The meditation should be focused without any kind of strain,and each of the seven mantras should be recited with your mind comfortable focused on the corresponding chakra.
Muldhar chakra
 Om Lam Par Tatvaay Vam Sham Sham Sam Om Phat
Swaddhistthan Chakra 
Om Vam Vam Swaadhishtthaanam Jaagray Jaagray Vam Vam Om Phat
Manipur Chakra 
Om Ram Chakra Jaagrannay Mannipuraay Ram Om Phat
Anahat Chakra 
Om Yam Anaahatam Jaagray Jaagray Sfottay Om Sham
Vishuddh Chakra 
Om Ham Vishuddh Jaagray Jaagray Tatva Beejaay Om Phat
Aagya Chakra
Sahastrahaar Chakra 
Om Hreem Sahastraaaram Jaagray Jaagray Sfotay Udbheday Ayeim Om Phat

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  1. hello sir please give these mantra on sanskrit for proper pronunciation

  2. Dear Neel, How manny times i have to chant the mantra in each one of the chakras.

    1. In Chakra awakening the number of chants don't matter what matters is how you chant them. If you start concentrating on the number of chants then you wont concentrate on the Chakra,
      Chant each mantra till you feel some energy circulation in the Chakra and then move on the the next one.

  3. there is only six mantras, i want for the chakra between eyebrows

    1. Do you mean the Ajna chakra ? Ajna ( Third Eye ) chakra is already mentioned in the post, it is AUM or OM.

  4. Hello Sir,
    My name is Tejender ..I just want to know my earth chakra awaken,bcoz i am doing meditation since i was in age of 15 yrs and now i am 24 yrs old,but i never did meditation so constantly.

    Kindly Please answer me because i am your regular visitor.

    1. You have to check for yourself if you are experiencing the symptoms of the awakening of the Chakra or if the symptoms of the blockage of the Chakra have vanished.

  5. Sir please post these mantras in Hindi format as we are getting misunderstood in the pronunciation of mantras

  6. sir realy you have mastry over tantra is request to you please write enemy catching mantra or procedure, some tantrik called person by mantra tantra who was defaulter..i mean procee for calling accused/or enemy person by mantra...purane samay main shatru ko mantro dwara pata lagaker hawan sthal per bula liya jata tha ...krpya us vishay per purn viveran pradan klare...apka sbhari rahonga...

  7. Sir is it a typing mistake where you have typed vam in muladhar chakra Jagran. Bcoz vam is the beej mantra of swadhisthan chakra?

  8. My regards. Where can you find the pronunciation of these mantras? Thank you. Namaskar

  9. Can this mantras help to cleanse chakras?


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