Hanuman Protection Mantras

These are two most unique and very powerful Protection Mantras which are dedicated towards Hanuman, the Hindu Deity of infinite strength and power.

The Siddhi [mastery] for any of these two or both the mantras has to be acquired on the day of the Solar Eclipse by reciting one or both the mantras continuously for 1000 times. After that whenever you feel that you are in danger of any kind, be it physical or from evil energies, you have to recite the mantra 11 times and throw your Breath on your body. It is said that doing this ensures total protection.

Any one or both the mantra give the same result.

1] Mantra
Om namo parmatmne anjani sutaya hum hum hum
Mam sharir bandhanaya raksha kuru kuru swaha ll

ॐ नमो परमात्मने अंजनी सुताय हुं हुं हुं
मम शरीरं बंधनाय रक्षा कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ll

2] Mantra
Om namo badhka kotha, disme pind hamara paidha,
Ishwar kuna, brahmaka tala, mere aathoyamka
Yadi hanuman rakhwala ll

ॐ नमो बधका कोठा , दिसमें पिंड हमारा पैढा ,
इश्वर कूणा, ब्रह्माका ताला, मेरे आठोयामका
यदी हनुमान रखवाला ll

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