Mantra to Wash Away Sins and Negative Energies

ॐ सच्चिदेकं ब्रह्म || Om Sacchidekam Brahma || is considered to be one of the best Mantras for the purification of the body and soul of all sins and the cleansing of all the accumulated negative energies and Bad Karma. The effects of chanting this this Maha Mantra can be compared to that of bathing in the holy waters of all the Tirtha Kshetras or Places of Pilgrimage.

The mere chanting of this Maha Mantra is said to make a person Brahmamaya or One with the Absolute.

The lay-person can also benefit by chanting this Maha Mantra, if he wishes to wash away his sins, the accumulated Bad Karma and all the negative and harmful vibrations and energies, which have penetrated his aura.

This Maha or Great Mantra is said to contain the essence of creation. This simple and easy to understand meaning and purpose of chanting this Mantra can be taken as a mediation of the ever-existent being who is present in everything and everything is present inside it.

Mantra to Wash Away Sins and Negative Energies

This is a Siddha Mantra and hence there is no need to follow any specified rituals in order to chant this Mantra.

There is also no need to follow any There is no need to follow any rules like Tithi, Paksha, Rashi, Nakshatra, Kulaakul or any other rules, which are applicable to most other Mantras of this kind.

However, some scriptures speak about Ang Nyas and Kar Nyas and some specific Yogic Poses and Breathing Method for chanting this Mantra.

It is mentioned in the scripture that the Mantra will not be helpful to a person who is not spiritually inclined or lacking in faith, even if he chants the Mantra a Million times.

The Mantra is also chanted without the Pranav as – सच्चिदेकं ब्रह्म || Sacchidekam Brahma ||

It is can also be chanted in the four different versions given below.

1] ॐ सत् ॐ चित् ॐ एकम् ॐ ब्रह्म || [Containing the Pranav]
Om Sat Om Chit Om Ekam Om Brahma ||

2] सत् चिद् एकम् ब्रह्म || [Without the Pranav}
Sat Chid Ekam Brahma ||

3] ॐ सद्-ब्रह्म ॐ चिद्-ब्रह्म ॐ एकं ब्रह्म ||
Om Sad-Brahma Om Chid-Brahma Om Ekam Brahma ||

4] ॐ सच्चिद् ॐ चिदेकं सद्-ब्रह्म चिद्-ब्रह्म एकं ब्रह्म सच्चिद् चिदेकं ब्रह्म ||
Om Sacchid Om Chidekam Sad-Brahma Chid-Brahma Ekam Brahma Sacchid Chidekam Brahma ||


  1. Thanks Prophet, this post is very important. Namaskar

  2. Thanks Neel sir for such a great post to know how many times to chant for effectiveness and if any japa mala is required. Once more thank you.

    1. You can chant the Mantra as per you wish or until you feel comfortable.

  3. ॐ सच्चिदेकम ब्रम्ह |

  4. Neel sir.. Please guide on this question.. Chanting and being one,so to say, with Aham Brahnashmi, would it too help to wash away sins and bad karma or only the chanting of Sachidekam Brahma would clear our sins. Really need an answer from you sir

  5. Neel sir.. I am really sorry for reposting this question again, but really need an answer from you.. Sir can the chanting of Aham Brahmashmi and realizing it deeply would help to cut away, so to say, our sins and bad karma OR only the chanting of Sachidekam Brahma has the power to do so. Sir please do answer and guide. Sir i am actually chanting Aham Brahmashmi and when doing so, i feel one with nature.

  6. Sir.. Do forgive me. My question was so, because my limited understanding tells me that Aham Brahmashmi and Sachidekam Brahma carries or has the same meaning, which is, realizing nature or the impersonal god..thank you sir


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