Benefits and Importance of Aim Kleem Krishnaya Mantra

The Aim Kleem Krishnaya….Mantra is considered to be one of the most powerful and beneficial of the Hindu Satvik Devotional Mantra Chants. This Mantra is chanted for a wide range of purposes, including gaining material benefits, getting the love of someone, success in exams, gain of knowledge or for overcoming dangers and protection of the self.

There are quite a few variations of this Most Powerful Mantra Chants dedicated to Shri Krishna. These variations are based upon the personal experiences of many devotees of Krishna who used them to successfully  fulfill their aims.

Many devotees of Shri Krishna attach great importance to this Maha Mantra as it has the potential to fulfill any wish or desire of the devotee.

The variation given in this post, is also a most effective and beneficial version for getting anything that is dear to your hear, provided it does not harm or deprive any other person of his rights. As mentioned above, this like most Mantra Chants dedicated to Shri Krishna is a Satvik Mantra Chant.

ॐ ऐं क्लीं कृष्णाय ह्रीं गोविंदाय श्रीं गोपीजन वल्लभाय स्वाहा ॐ नमः ||
Om Aim Kleem Krishnaya Hreem Govindaya Shreem Gopijana Vallabhaya Swaha Om Namah ||

 You can try chanting this Mantra for getting whatever is dear to your hearts. The number of times you wish to chant this Mantra depends upon you because Mantra Chanting should be done until you feel comfortable and not in a strained, stressed or forced manner.

Gudi Padva, the most auspicious festival, which is One out of the Three and Half most auspicious Tithis in the Hindu Panchang [ वर्ष के साढ़े तीन शुभ मुहूर्त ] falls today. You can perform or start any kind of Mantra Sadhana that is dear to your heart  today as the chances of success are the highest.

More information on the importance of Gudi Padva, can be seen in this article published some years back- The importance of Gudi Padva for Sadhaks of Mantra Vidya


  1. Respected Guru ji..
    As this mantra chant ended with the word it mandatory to perform havan..
    Can we chant it with or without fire ceremony..?
    Those vedic mantra's with Swaha ending..can we chant them without homage into fire.
    Please bless me with wisdom..

    1. पुरश्चरण के बाद दशांश हवन करने के लिए मूलमंत्र के अंत में स्वाहा शब्द जोड़कर हवन करने का प्रावधान है ,परन्तु यहां दिया गया यह हवनमंत्र नहीं है .यद्यपि इसमें स्वाहा शब्द आया है ,यह जपमन्त्र है .

    2. Thank you soo much Guru Dev...thanks a lot for your kind consideration.

  2. श्रीकृष्ण के एकाक्षर मन्त्र "क्लीं:"के पूर्व और पश्चात प्रणवमन्त्र जोड़ने से मूलमंत्र " ॐ क्लीं ॐ "होता है ,जिसकी बड़ी महिमा है .इस पोस्ट में दिए गए मन्त्र में उक्त मूलमंत्र के साथ ऐं,ह्रीं ,श्रींका समावेश करते हुए कृष्ण,गोविन्द,गोपीजनवल्लभ को स्मरण किया गया है .और मन्त्र की उपादेयता में बृद्धि हुई है .श्रीकृष्ण अथवा त्रैलोक्यविजयं नामकवचम् में शरीर के अवयवों की रक्षा में इन नामो की महिमा है.यथा--प्रणवो मे शिरः पातु श्रीकृष्णाय नमः सदा ।/कृष्णेति पातु नेत्रे च कृष्ण स्वाहेति तारकम् ।/ॐ कृष्णाय नमः शश्वत्पातु मेऽधर-युग्मकम् ॥ /
    ॐ गोविन्दाय स्वाहेति नासिकां पातु सन्ततम् ।/ॐ गोविन्दाय स्वाहेति दन्तौघं मे सदाऽवतु ।ॐ गोपेशाय स्वाहेति स्कन्धं पातु सदा मम ।/ॐ गोपीरमणाय स्वाह नितम्बं पातु मे सदा ॥ /ॐ गोपीरमणनाथाय पादौ पातु सदा मम ।

  3. Hello Neel Sir
    Why did you stop writing blogs I loved and every look farward to reading them. I did not see your blog and curious to know why did you stop.
    thank you

    1. i don´t know why, but i feel like* this site has been taken by others, and its not managed any more by OG posters (hope its just a break?).

      *(the way of posting, words usage and few other things have changed)

  4. Where are you sir? No new post from 3 days..

  5. Shri neel sir, i m viewing site daily basis. But i observed that 19th march no new posts have been put ny you sir. sir is there is any reason?

  6. Thanks for the concern expressed by all the above, this site is updated daily for the past many years, a gap of 3-4 days due to unavoidable reasons is understandable.
    But will certainly try to maintain the regular posting.
    We have had severe problems regarding comment spam and hence it becomes difficult to answer comments, people post comments under using multiple names or if the use their real names, they delete the comment after it is answered or ask me to delete them, it is not possible to delete entire discussions in which the comment poster took part.
    I hope all regular readers will understand our problems.

  7. Neel sir..would it be possible to use this krsna mantra for everything as a remedy against diseases or bodily pains or problems like diabetes.just very very keen to know dear sir,for even in your you tube video,it is stated as a mantra for everything.neel sir,a reply from you would be great.thank you sir

    1. Yes, you can chant the Mantra for getting whatever is dear to you or whatever you want.


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