Mantra for Curing Gilti Rog

Gilti Rog or Swollen Neck Glands or Gale Me Ganth is a painful physical condition in which there appear a large tonsil or lump on the neck. This Lump may or may not be life threatening, yet it causes discomfort to the sufferer. The Healing Mantra given in this post is a traditional Gilti Rog curing Healing Mantra Remedy.

This Healing Mantra, which is dedicated to Shiva is chanted, while applying wet sandalwood paste on the effected body part. This is said to give relief to the patient and ultimately cure his disease.

शीव् की छाया जो रहे मन माया |
गले पर छाया तीन लोक का धाया |
परमेश्वर करे अपनी माया गले पर परछाया |
शीव् जी का गीत गाया नीर्मल् हो काया |
धर्म बीज उत्पन्न होकर शीव् लोक मे आया |
जो शीव् लोक में आया नीर्मल् हो काया |
गले में गील्टी हटे शीव् की शक्ती डटे |
इती सिध्दं ||

Shiv Ki Chhaya Jo Rahe Mana Maya |
Gale Par Chhaya Teen Lok Ka Dhaayaa |
Parmeshwar Kare Apni Maya Gale Par Parchhaya |
Shivji Ka Geet Gaayaa Nirmal Ho Kaayaa |
Dharma Beej Utpanna Hokar Shiv Lok Mem Aaayaa |
Jo Shiv Lok Mem Aaayaa Nirmal Ho Kaayaa |
Gale Mem Gilti Hate Shiv Ki Shakti Date |
Iti Sidhdam ||

Another healing remedy for the same purpose can be seen here - Swollen Glands Curing Healing Mantra Remedy

Note- these healing remedies has been posted in good faith, this site makes no claim regarding its effectiveness in curing this unfortunate disease.


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