Shiva Mantra to Get Back Husband Love

A Shabar Panthiya Lord Shiva Mantra to get back the love and affection of a husband who has strayed and does not love and care for his wife has been described by me in this post. This is a kind of Satvik Vashikaran Mantra Prayog that will work for just, pure and unselfish purposes with the blessing of Lord Shiva and Parvati Mata.

The Shiva Mantra is suitable for those women whose husbands are neglecting them due to any kind of vice or addiction or the entry of another woman into their lives or those husbands who have simple lost interest in family or worldly life due to depression or any other reason.

The Shiva Mantra Vidhi is most simple, the woman who is troubled by the husband related problems mentioned above should take a glass filled with milk and keep it in front of her and chant the Mantra given below 108 times, using a Rudraksha Jap Mala. This will Abhimintrit the milk with the full force and power of the Shiva Mantra.

सती चली जब शिव की हाट | 
नारी बन गई शिव की साख |
नारी को दिया जब शिवजी ने वरदान |
नारी ने जब किया शिवजी का फरमान |
शिवजी ने भेजा शैतान |
नारी को जब दिया वरदान |
हो गये सब बिगड़े काम |
जय जय हो सती सिस्काम |
लगा जब शिव का सती को वरदान |
जय जय हो शिव धाम ||

Sati Chali Jab Shiv Ki Haat |
Naari Ban Gai Shiv Ji Saakh |
Naari Ko Diya Jab Shivji Ne Vardaan |
Naari Ne Jab Kiya Shivji Ka Farmaan |
Shivji Ne Bheja Shaitan |
Naari Ko Jab Diya Vardaan |
Ho Gaye Sab Bigade Kaam |
Jai Jai Ho Sati Siskaam |
Laga Jab Shiv Ka Sati Ko Vardaan |
Jai Jai Ho Shiv Dhaam ||

Then, she should sincerely worship Shiv-Parvati and pray for success in getting her husband back and make him love and care for her and stop neglecting her.

Then, she should give the Shiva Mantra infused milk to her husband to drink.

This the Shabar Tantra says will make her strayed husband come back to her with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvati Mata.

The Hindi language version video of this post can be seen here -

Note- This is a one time Mantra Sadhana, which is called Khoye Hue Pyaar Aur Pati Ko Vapis Pane Ka Shiv Mantra. It will give results, in getting the love and affection back from the uncaring husband who has drifted away,  if performed with intensity and faith in Shiv-Parvati.


  1. My father has been drifted away from my mother and has also started neglecting the whole family. Can i do this technique to bring him back to us?

  2. namaskar Sir ji, my husband estranged and got married 2 another woman in 1995, has daughter by her 2, probably she has also walked out on him with the child, he is now having illegitimate relations with yet another woman, abv all he is a muslim and he is playing up with ONLY Hindu girls, though already retired from working life, to make him have the referred milk.

    1. Sir ji, look forward to hearing from you when husband has remarried, left her too and now yet with another woman in relation. it's too serious than can be expressed here.

  3. My husband doesn't stay with me. he got married illegally with other girl and have illicit child. I can't give milk him to drink. what to do? what is the remedy?

  4. Respected Guruji,

    Similarly please be kind to provide remedy for wife love. Please be kind to provide similar remedy


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