Vashikaran Mantra to Attract Anyone By 1 Chant

Is is possible to cast a Vashikaran Spell on any desired man or woman with a single chant of a Vashikaran Mantra?  My answer is yes, you can bind and enchant any person under a love spell  by just 1 chant of a Vashikaran Mantra.

The next logical question is sure to be – Does this Vashikaran Mantra have to be Siddh or Mastered and used only after gaining Siddhi over the Mantra? This time, my answer is no, the Mantra does not need any kind of Siddhi.

There are many such secret Vashikaran Mantras, which I have come across that do not need to be Mastered and can give the expected results by chanting the Mantra only once.

One such Mantra, which I had written about earlier in 2010 come from a most rare  and  authentic source and just 1 chant of the Vashikaran Mantra was sufficient to make any man or woman come under your Vashikaran Spell.

The Mantra was discovered by me in a very ancient handwritten version of an unknown sacred scripture. Is is a most powerful Mantra Chant dedicated to Ram and Hanuman and has to power to attract the desired person with a single chant.

Like always, the Gurus, Experts, Swamis and Yogis who regularly copy the Mantras from this site have probably  added some or the other Vidhi or Sadhana for this Mantra to show that they are different and did not copy the Mantra.

There is no such Vidhi, Sadhana or ritual associated with this Vashikaran Mantra and it will work by chanting it only once and without the need of any Puja-Vidhi.

Please remember that it is a Satvik Mantra and should not be misused.

The video of the Vashikaran Mantra can be seen here  -

Note- However, to get success with this Mantra, you should at least have a clear, calm and composed mind, which is not doubtful, suspicious, fearful or uncertain. 


  1. Hello sir,you doing really nice work .Thank you for help us.
    Sir please give us more **Muslim Yantra** related wealth,education, name-fame-glory,fortune.....

  2. can u pls translate this mantra lyrics from hindi to english

    1. jibhyaa aagoo amrit vashai so kaam drishti aagoo
      hanumant vasai sabhaa mohu shree raamchandra .

  3. please send mantra in english, i cant read hindi. please send sir


  4. Please Translate in English, thanks in advance.

  5. Sir, can it be used for business purpose also? or it is for only Man women love

  6. Sir I have changed this mantra multiple times. How long will it take to work?

  7. sir jee
    please write this mantra by english ,,, iam from afghanistan and i watch all your mantras but i don't know hindi writings

  8. I translated the Sanskrit version to English using:

    shrI rAmajI kA mahAshaktishAlI aura chamatkArI siddha vashIkaraNa maMtra jise sirpha 1 bAra jApane se koI bhI strI yA puruSha shIghra vashIbhUta ho jAtA hai aura aura sAdhaka ke kaMTrola meM A jAtA hai

    My attempt at making it easier for reading

    Shri Raamaji Kaa mahaashaktishaal aura chamatkaari siddha vashikarana mamtra jise sirpha baarajaapane se kol bhi stri yaa
    purusha shlghra vashibhuta ho jaataa hai aura aura saadhaka ke kamtrola mem aa jaataa hai

  9. Can you please post this mantra in english. 2 people have given it but I don't trust online translations because of the many errors.the 1st person mantra is totally different than the guy that said he translated it online. Please please


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