Great Prayers of Hanuman By His Devotee

The period of Shri Ram Navami is a most special period for the devotees of Shri Ram and Shri Hanuman and there are many Sache Ram-Hanuman Bhakts who regularly visit these site and actively contribute their knowledge and unique information about rare and unknown Mantra Sadhanas, Prayogs and other effective and beneficial methods of worshiping their favored deities, which is Shri Ram and Shri Hanuman.

On the occasion of Ram Navami we have prepared two Videos in the Voice of a long term  sincere and dedicated Sadhak who has been chanting the Hanuman Chalisa and Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra.

When a true Sadhak chants any Stotra, Mantra or Prarthana from the bottom of his heart and continues to do so without any expectation or hoping to get something in exchange or return, the Sadhak automatically gains Sidhi over the Mantra or Stotra.

These sacred words which emit from the mouth of a true devotee makes the Prayer comes alive and the Prayer becomes a live and powerful entity.

Every body knows the importance of The Hanuman Chalisa so there is little need to give any explanation over here.

The Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra, which is a divine composition composed by the Great Saint and Master Swami Samarth can generate the kind of power that is unimaginable.

To give an example Swami Samarth taught this Stotra to Shivaji who was then a common man. He later on gained extreme strength, courage, confidence, knowledge and intelligence and became so brave that he was able to successfully stand up and oppose the mighty Moghul Empire which ruled India.

This ultimately lead to the defeat and disintegration of the mighty Moghul Empire.

Even listening to this Maha Mantras in the voice of the Siddha Sadhak can work, miracles in your life.

Please do-not harbor any evil motive or malafide intention because if you do so it will not work for wrongful purposes.

These videos can be seen here -


  1. मनोजवं मारुत-तुल्य-वेगं
    जितेन्द्रियं बुद्धिमतां वरिष्ठम् ।
    वातात्मजं वानर-यूथ-मुख्यं
    श्रीराम-दूतं शिरसा नमामि ॥

  2. I bow with bent head to him who is quick of mind,
    fast as the wind, the conqueror of the sense organs, the
    best among the wise, the son of Vayu, chief of the
    monkey hordes, and the messenger of Shri Rama.

  3. Hello Satya Nidhi ji
    can you please tell me 1. if Hanuman Bahuk and Hanuman kavach is same or different.2.If women can read or not.


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