Useful And Important Mantras of Shri Ganesha

Ganesha Bhakts are one of a kind, they are mostly Pure Hearted Souls, that is people who have a natural Satvik nature. They do not wish to get anything by depriving someone or getting something that will sadden someone or make someone unhappy.  The true Ganesh Bhakt want to be happy and at the same tine make everyone else happy.

The Ganesh Bhakt, like is favoured deity is person whose mind is not restricted or confined to a set dimension. The Large Belly of Ganesha symbolizes unlimited space or the ability to grasp or contain anything.

Many thinkers, have attributed many qualities to Ganesha, however, these qualities do not matter in the real senses of the world because the infinite mind space of Ganesha simply sweeps away all obstacles and stoppages and problems like someone blowing away dust from ones surroundings.

The Ganesh Bhakt is at the same time extremely broadminded and able to see and correctly access the point of view of others without a colored vision.

Being Satvik and religious people, they are used to various Ganesh Mantras, Prarthanas and other Forms of Ganesha Worship- A Large Selection can be seen here- Section on the Mantras and Prayers of Gnesha

In he recent past, we have complied a selection of 3 important Ganesh Mantra for ordinary people who wish to to worship the Lord of All Beginnings and the Remover of All Obstacles. This Mantras are useful for daily as well a spiritual life.

These Mantras are small, simple and easy to chant and put into actual practice. All that is needed has been given in the video, we have tried to keep it easy and not to unnecessarily complicate matters by adding irrelevant details and unneeded rituals, which will confuse the reader and make him loose his concentration.

This video on useful and important Ganesh Mantra can be seen here -

The simple meaning of all the 3 Ganesh Mantras have been given in the video.


  1. Ganesha is Supreme Deity. In Ganesha Puraana Upaasanaa Khanda there is description how Shiva Vishnu Brahma were created by Supreme God Ganesha.

    At the beginning only and only Ganesha is there. Then Ganesha created Vishnu from Sattva Guna (yes Sattva, not Rajo Guna), Brahma from Rajo Guna and Shiva from Tamo Guna.

    Then the Trimurti were roaming in the endless void, not knowing what to do. Then Ganesha the Supreme Lord appeared in front of them. The TriMurti were overwhelmed by Ganesha's Viraat Roop, and did not know what to do. So Ganesha enlightens them how to worship Him and the TriDevas worship Ganesha with a Stotra.

    Ganesha then pleased , tells them the reason of there creation. Ganesh tells Brahma to create , Vishnu to preserve , and Shiva to destroy the existence. And blessed them with power.

    Shree Maha Ganesha is the Ultimate ParaBrahma. Shiva Vishnu Brahma have worshipped him as "परब्रह्मरूपं गणेशं भजेम" "We worship Ganesha who is the form ParaBrahma."

    ShreeMahaGaneshaaya Namah

  2. ॥ श्री गणपत्यथर्वशीर्ष ॥
    Hymn in praise of gaNesha from the atharva veda.
    हरिः ॐ नमस्ते गणपतये ॥त्वमेव प्रत्यक्षं तत्त्वमसि ॥ त्वमेव केवलं कर्ताऽसि ॥त्वमेव केवलं धर्ताऽसि ॥ त्वमेव केवलं हर्ताऽसि ॥
    त्वमेव सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्मासि ॥त्वं साक्षादात्माऽसि नित्यम् ॥
    I bow to thee, Ganapati . You are personified form of the Brahman . You arethe creator, protector and destroyer of all beings, You are the in-dweller
    eternal evident Self in all of us.
    नमो व्रातपतये । नमो गणपतये । नमः प्रमथपतये ।
    नमस्तेऽस्तु लंबोदरायैकदंताय ।
    विघ्ननाशिने शिवसुताय । श्रीवरदमूर्तये नमो नमः ॥
    Salutations to the Lord of gods and the one governing abstinence and
    discipline and controlling pride, to the large limbed and single tusked, to
    the remover of obstacles, to the son of Shiva and the boon-giver incarnate.


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