Immense Benefits of Ashta Akshar Narayan Mantra

Today I will share some very important knowledge about the procedure and the benefits for the popular 8 lettered or Ashta Akshar Narayan Mantra- ॐ नमो नारायणाय, which is one of the most powerful, revered, sacred and chanted Hindu Devotional Mantras.

The Mantra can give everything you can ask for. This Mantra also removes poison caused by snake bites. This Mantra give Health, Wealth, Moksha, Peace, Purity, Family Happiness and many more benefits- Ashok Mehta

Procedure of the Om Namo Narayanaya Mantra Sadhana:
1. Start the Mantra Sadhana on a Wednesday in the period of the Braham Muhurat.
2. Sit facing the east on a yellow or Kush Aasan and keep a Narayan or Vishnu Yantra in front of you, while performing the Mantra Sadhana.
3. Worship your Guru, Ganesha, Lakshmi and Shiv and then do Shodashopchar Puja of the Yantra. This will invoke Vishnu in the Yantra and this procedure is called as Yantroddhara.
4. Then recite 1 Mala of the Mantra. This will make the Mantra active. This is called Mantroddhar.
5. Then take a Sankalp according to your requirement.
6. 1 Purushcharan = 1 Lac.

For every Purushcharan there are different benefits, which are described below:
If 1 Purushcharan is done, Aatma Shuddhi will happen.
If 2 are done, one will get Heart Shuddhi or Mann Shuddhi.
If 3 Purushcharan are done, one goes to Svarg Lok.
If 4 Purushcharan are done, one becomes dear to Narayan.
If 5 Purushcharan are done, one gets pure knowledge.
If 6 are done, ones devotion towards Narayan gets fixed on him alone.
If 7 are done, one will realize himself.
If 8 are done, one will be free from birth and death cycle.

One must use a Tulsi Mala for the Mantra Japa.


  1. Replies
    1. Mantra is "ॐ नमो नारायणाय". Author might have mistyped while writing the same in English :)

  2. Dear Ashok Sir,
    I chant daily 'Om hum hanumate Vijayam' for 108 times.What is the exact no. of time sto be chanted in order to get the Purushcharan of this mantra?

    1. I have never heard about such a mantra hence I cannot speak about the purushcharan required in it.

  3. Chetanya,this mantra is for strength as well as agility,isn't it?

  4. Yes.Exactly.this is mainly for athletes.Im sure there will be a puruscharan for this.Ashok sir will know abt this for sure.

  5. It's a mantra for lifetime... :)
    to be free from birth and death, the ultimate purpose of all incarnation

    1. Then that means there must be a puruscharan for it! :D

  6. "If 7 are done, one will realize himself" means what ? Please clarify.

    1. Self realization is what it means. Self realization means you will know what your soul is and who you really are

    2. thank you

      but its said that 100,000 (1 Lac) times with an extra 25% prescribed to compensate for any mistakes in pronunciation, counting and wavering of concentration - so 125,000 times. Is not it ??

      For Om Namah Shivaaya.

      Purascharana of Om Namah Shivaaya. There are five syllables in the mantra, not counting Om. So you have to do five and a half lakhs (550,000) to complete the purascharana.

      How do you know that? (if one purascharan are done such benefit if 2 ......


    3. 125,000 japa requirement is not for everyone. For some mantras, 1 lac recitation is enough.
      There are 108 beads in any mala. When we do a mantra siddhi sadhana or purashcharan, what happens is that the mantra requirement is 1 lac or 1.25 lac which is equal to 1000 or 1250 rosary.
      For every rosary that we complete, only 100 out 108 beads are taken into account. The rest 8 are for mistakes and errors

    4. for om namah shivaya some say to count om.
      if you count om, 600 000 times or without om, 550 000 purushcharan.

    5. Om namah shivaya Siddhi is achieved by chanting 6L times

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. " ॐ नमो नारायणाय "यह वैष्णवी अनुस्मृति -विद्या है .महाभारत के शांतिपर्व में कहा गया है कि मनुष्य एकाग्रचित्त होकर सोते,जागते और स्वाध्याय करते समय
    जहां -कहीं भी इसका जप करता रहे .जो पुरुष अनन्य भाव से दस वर्षों तक ऋषि प्रवर नारायणदेव का ध्यान करते हुए इस मन्त्र का जप करता है ,वह भगवान् विष्णु के परम पद को प्राप्त कर लेता है .जिसकी भगवान् जनार्दन में भक्ति है ,उसे बहुत से मन्त्रों से क्या लेना है ?यह एक मन्त्र ही सम्पूर्ण मनोरथों की सिद्धि करने वाला है .

  8. I want to know the significance of 7 gates of Vaikuntha....How is Each gate different from the other & how can Bhakta pass the gates to Reach ShriHariVishnu


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