Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan Anushthaan

Ashok Mehta has written this post on the Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan Anushthaan to readers of this site. This Anushthaan is done for getting rid of enemies, Sade Sati, Grah Dosh, many other pressing, difficult problems, and difficulties.

Many a times it may happen that due to bad planetary influences a person may only be facing failures in life. During such times, Bajrang Baan and Hanuman Chalisa should be recited. Everyone is well versed with Hanuman Chalisa but not many know about Bajrang Baan. Bajrang means Lord Hanuman and Baan means his Arrow. Which together means that Lord Hanuman's Baan, which is bound to hit the target and nothing, can stop it.

It is said that if Bajrang Baan is recited even for one time, lord Hanuman himself comes there. I am giving a Prayog of Hanuman ji. In this Prayog, the procedure is the same for Bajrang Baan and Hanuman Chalisa. The Sadhak can decide whether he wants to read Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan. Suggestively, Bajrang Baan if there has been an unfilled wish since a long time or if there is a life threatening situation. Bajrang Baan should not be recited on a regular basis without a particular purpose and mistake should not be made while reading Bajrang Baan. Bajrang Baan is extremely powerful and the devotee should not get scared when he is doing Anushthaan or he will mostly become a lunatic.

Following is the Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan Prayog:
There are two variations of this Prayog:

1] The first one is just a onetime prayog:
The devotee has to do the Anushthaan on the first Tuesday of Shukla Paksha or Hanuman Jayanti or Ram Navami in the morning. He has to sit on a Kush Aasan, wear red clothes, and keep a photo of Ram Darbar in front of him. An Akhand Diya has to be made. The Sadhak has to take 1-1 fistful of flours- wheat, rice, Green Gram, Lentil (Udad Dal) and Black Sesame  and make a dough using Gangajal and then the Diya. If using 5 grains is not possible then, he should make a Diya of wheat flour using Gangajal. After this, He should then use a white, raw cotton thread [kaccha sut ka dhaaga] and measure the thread from his head to toe 7 times and use it to light the Diya.

He should then do Dhyaan and Pujan of Lord Ganesha, the Guru and Lord Rama.He should recite "Om Raamaay namah" at least 5 Malas. The Sadhak should then take a Sankalp of chanting Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan that particular day 108 times. If possible, the recitation should be done in a single sitting.

On the day of Anushthaan, The Day before and The Day after the Anushthan; the person has to maintain Brahmacharya and should only eat vegetarian food without onion and garlic. The person can also observe fast on the day of Anushthaan. The place where he is doing the Anushthaan should be clean and nobody should disturb him. Especially if he is reciting Bajrang Baan, in the place where the Sadhak is doing the Anushthaan, other people should not come. During the entire Anushthaan, the Diya should be kept burning.

2] The second long term Prayog:
This Prayog the same as above except the difference is that, the Anushthaan has to be done for 40 days in case of Bajrang Baan and 45 days in case of Hanuman Chalisa. The Sankalp has to be taken accordingly. The Anushthan has to be commenced from the first Tuesday of a Shukla Paksha. The number of recitations for Bajrang Baan and Hanuman chalisa is 11,21,31, 54 or 108 times daily. The Akhand Diya should be kept burning for the respective number of days in the same place. The Ram Darbar too should not be moved. One must regularly pray to Guru and Lord Ganesha for success in the Anushthan.


  1. Thanks Mr Mehta, for sharing valuable articles. But I want to share my apprehension in this case.

    Hanuman ji is totally devoted to Lord Ram. But in Bajrang Baan, Hanuman ji is GIVEN oath of Lord Ram to fulfil one's particular wish. I have learnt from society at large that , no doubt, wish is fulfilled by reciting Bajrang Baan, but, the same problem ERUPTS later on in a worse way than it was earlier.
    This is because Hanuman ji is annoyed by administrating him OATH of his most beloved Lord Ram and Hanuman ji has to COMPULSORILY UNDER BINDING CONDITIONS fulfil the practitioner's wish.

    So most humbly, using Bajrang Baan for one's own wish is NOT AN IDEA WHICH SHOULD BE ENDORSED.

    1. Please don't spread rumours. Bajrang Baan backfires because most of the people who chant Bajrang Baan are still at nascent stage of spirituality. No human can bind a human or any God with swears. He is never annoyed. In Bajrang Baan, swear is given to kill ghosts and remove enemies , not to fulfill wishes. Hanuman only gives you what you deserve. If you don't deserve something then even if you give swear of 10 Gods, your wish won't be fulfilled.

    2. Thanks, dear Ashok ji. I expressed what I heard of but never ever had any intention of questioning the meaning of your valuable post regarding Bajrang Baan. Anyway, your today's reply has really enlighten me

  2. Dear Neel Sir,

    I want to ask you questions. If i am doing saadhana for long term which goes for more than one month during this saadhana in my family if any female have their monthly cicle periods than what should i do can i continue my sadhan or stop it? Is there any vidhi or vidhan by doing which i can continue my sadhana please answer me this question this is very important for me?


    Sanjay Bhatt

  3. for long term procedure ...we should follow brahmacharya and also not eat non veg food,onion and garlic??and the akhanda diya should continuosuly burn for 40 or 45 days or only while the time period of sadhana??? plz rply

    1. The akhand diya should burn for 40 or 45 days continously depending on how many days you are going to recite

  4. If im reading it correctly.. There are 5 ingredients to make the akhand diya, wheat Rice green gram, lental and sesame seads? do i need to soak them before making a dough? Or do i need to buy flour of these products

  5. Can a wife do this anushthan for his husband

  6. Hi I live in Holland.. Here it is almost imposible to find a kush aasan.. I orderd one from India but it is stil not here, is the kush aasan a must? If the package isnt in time before hanuman Jayanti is there another way for using a aasan?

  7. Sir is the kush aasan a must? Or can i use a other typ of aasan?

  8. Pranam sir, i have to ask just can i read bajrang baan on a daily basis i use to read it daily some years back so plzz recommend what would be better option

    1. It is up to you to continue the daily reading of the Bajrang Baan as you used to do, the Tantric recommendations are described in this post.

  9. namaskar guru ji.....
    maine bajarang baan ki sadhana aapake bataye gaye niyam anusar is mangalvar se suru ki hai,lekin maine jo pach prakar ke anaj se diya banaya tha vo jyada tikane vala nahi hai...kya mai naya diya bana sakata hu..?


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