Vashikaran Yantra for Shani Pushya Yoga

The Shani Pushya Yoga is an extremely uncommon astrological alignment between the Pushya Nakshatra [Delta Cancri] and Saturn, the ruling planet of this constellation. As already pointed from time to time the Pushya Nakshatra is an extremely fruitful constellation to commence most auspicious activates. In this post is given a Vashikaran Yantra, which is said to bear fruit if prepared and used during this astrological alignment.

This Vashikaran Yantra has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra, using Ashtagandha Paste during the period of the Shani Pushya Yoga. Before preparing the Yantra, the Sadhak must chant the name of the desired woman once. Then after preparing the Yantra, it has to be inserted inside a piece of the root of the Palash tree [Butea monosperma]. After doing this, it has to be offered plenty of Dhoop/ Agarbatti.

This Prayog is said to put the desired woman under a very powerful Vashikaran Spell.  However, as pointed out above this is a rare occasion and the Sadhak will have to look out for it.

An Indian Attraction Charm for the rare Shani Pushya Yoga
Vashikaran Yantra for Shani Pushya Yoga

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