Mantra to Heal Breast Boils in Women

The healing Shabar Mantra of the Nath Sampradaya, which is dedicated to the great Guru Gorakhnath, is a specific Mantra to cure and heal Breast Boils, Ulcers, Abscess or Lumps in Women. The easy method of healing a women suffering from boils on her breasts has been described by me in this post.

The woman suffering from breast boils should be made to stand in-front of the practitioner and the practitioner should do an Utara [rotation] with Cow-Dung Ash of the specific breast, which is affected by a boil or boils.

Then, the practitioner should rotate the Cow-Dung Ash over his own breast opposite breast. This means if the Utara of the woman has been done over her right breast, then the practitioner should do an Utara over his left breast.

Finally, to end the Mantra Experiment, which is called in the Hindi language as Sthan Ka Foda Ke Upchar Ka Mantra Prayog,  the practitioner should blow his breath over the Cow-Dung Ash 31 times, while chanting the Mantra given below.

ऊँचों पीपर जरजरों | 
गैया चरे नौ सो आठ |
आँचल का फोड़ा सूख साख |
इसी दम भस्म हो |
मेरी बान मेरे गुरु की आन |
इश्वर गौरा गोरखनाथ महादेव की दुहाई |
Unchom Peepar Jarajarom |
Gaiya Chare Nau So Aath | 
Aanchal Ka Foda Sookh Saakh |
Isi Dam Bhasma Ho |
Meri Baan Mere Guru Ki Aan |
Ishwar Gaura Gorakhnath Mahadev Ki Duhai |

This healing Tantra, is said to make the boil/boils dry-up and cure the suffering woman. The Cow-Dung Ash can be kept aside and immersed in water.

Note- all information contained in this article is as per the writings of the Shabar Healing Tantra.


  1. Namaste Guruji,
    how many times Utara of one beast should be done? Only one rotation or 3-5 rotations?
    2. The practitioner (who performs Utara and blows air on the ash)should be woman or man?
    Please clarify. Thank you.


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