Hanuman Kavach Mantra to Destroy Planetary Defects

In this post, I am writing about a most powerful and effective Hanuman Kavach Mantra Sadhana to destroy all kinds of Graha Dosha, meaning a specific Hanuman Mantra for removing all kinds of problems and difficulties  occurring due to the placements or transits of weak-evil-retrograde planets in the horoscope of an individual. This is one more of those Mantra Sadhanas, which  doesn't need Guru Diksha but one thing, I have to mention about this Hanuman Sadhana is that  it can only be done by men. – Ashok Mehta

1. The Graha Dosha Nivaran Mantra Prayoga should be started from the first Tuesday of a Shukla Paksha or the Bright Fortnight of the Hindu Lunar Month.
2. You should sit facing the north direction on a Kush Aasan.
3. Keep a Chowki in front of you. On it, keep a red colored cloth.
4. Keep a copper plate and write "Om" on it with Kesar or Chandan paste.
5. Keep an energized Hanuman Yantra on it.
6. Apply a Tilak of Sindur and then do Panchopchar Puja.
7. Take a Sankalp [Pledge] and then Worship your Guru, Ganesh, Shiv, Shri Rama and Sita.
8. Recite the Ek Mukhi Hanuman Kavach.
9. Use an energized Rudraksh Counting Rosary or Red Coral Rosary and chant the Mantra given below for 41 rosaries daily for 31 days.

Mantra: || ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रूं सर्व दुष्टग्रह निवारणाय स्वाहा ||
|| Om Hraan (g) hreen (g) hrun (g) sarv dushtgraha nivaaranaay swaahaa ||

Note- I hope that this Mantra Remedy will be useful to readers who are being harassed by harmful and malefic planets and planetary transits and combinations.


  1. Jai Hanuman Jai Shree Ram Thank you Mr Neel

  2. Namashkar sir.what about women those who have planetary problem please advise me I am not understand what is happening to my life getting black out please sir show me the way

    1. Recite Hanuman chalisa 21 times daily 108 days. Take a sankalp before starting the recitation

    2. Namashkaar Ashokji
      i want to know whether
      1st -> father can do this prayog for his son
      2nd-> energized yantra & maala means what & from where to get it
      3rd -> pooja or yantra on chowki has to keep 31days or visargan after 1st day

      Jay Shree Ram

  3. What is chowki and how to energise hanuman yantra

  4. Namashkar sir thanks for the reply.but sir can't do continue for 108 days what about in monthly periods.

  5. 1. Yes
    2. google about it. You'll get to know everything
    3. Keep it there only on all 31 days. After that, keep at you home's mandir and worship it daily.

    1. Ashokji Namashkaar,
      Thank you for the guidance. So during taking sankalp, i will ask Hanumanji to
      remove graha dosha of my son and start prayog. This prayog i will start after completing current prayog.

      Can i do it in the morning between 4:30 to 6:30am

      I believe step 1 to 9 is for 1st day & 8 to 9 daily

      Jai Shree Ram

    2. If you want to do in morning then start 4 am.
      All the steps have to repeated each day

    3. You have redo everything like doing tilak, panchopchar puja, offer panchamrit,etc

    4. Namshakaar, noted all & greatful for all guidance.

      During sankalp i will take sankalp on behalf of my son & do prayog on behalf of my son

      Second important thing if kalsarp dosh is not there in kundali but still astrologer is saying it is there, in that case will this prayog harm me or my son.

      Jay Shree Ram

    5. If astrologer is saying so then consult multiple astrologers. Even if there is kal sarp dosh nothing bad will happen.

  6. Can u plz sir post any vidhi of nishkeelan ,shaap vimochan of LAHU maha mritunjay mantra.n deatail of itz sadhna...

  7. Dear Ashok Sir,
    I have Angarak Yoga in my birth chart.Angarak Yoga is a malefic combination of Rahu-Mars and devastating in the life of the person who has it.Please you must help us Sir.Do u have any
    Mantra-puja remedies for solving this Yoga?or can
    'Hanuman kavach mantra to destroy planetary defects' be helpful in removing Angarak Yoga from my horoscope? Im very worried.Pls help Ashok Sir.

  8. Sir plz give some easy effective sadhna
    For curing disease ...which doesnt require deeksha...

  9. My ex girlfriend has manglik dosha, can I do this saddhna for removing malefic effects from her?

    Or as you have mentioned to Sony sharma, she should recite herself hanuman chalisa?

  10. Dear Sir Ashok ji
    Could you please tell me how to take sankalp? Please REPLY I will really appreciate it. I thank you in advance.

    1. Take a teaspoonful of water and mention the following order wise:
      Your name, father and mother name, Kaliyuga, hindu year, hindu month, paksha along with the date of the paksha, the day, prahar, gotra, and finally, the reason why you are doing the sadhana and then request bless you with desired and then offer the water to the head of the deity

  11. Dear Sir,
    Can this sadhana be used to destroy all malefic planetary effects?

  12. As a mother, can I do it for my son or should I do 21 times Hanuman chalisa for 108 days. I try to chant 7 times everyday. I was told that for 6 years my son has Shani influence that may cause issues like rajdand etc

    1. It is not possible because shani does not give it's effects until a human doesn't cross 16 years of age. You can chant Hanuman chalisa 21 times for 108 days

  13. इस पोस्ट में दिया गया मन्त्र एकमुखी हनुमत्कवच में व्यक्त तीव्र प्रभावी मन्त्रों का ही लघुरूप है .क्रमांक 8 में एकमुखीहनुमत्कवच पढ़ने का निर्देश दिया गया है .जब पूरा कवच पढ़ना ही है ,तो इस मन्त्र की 41 माला प्रतिदिन 31 दिन तक जपने का औचित्य नहीं रह जाता .
    ब्रह्माण्ड पुराण में नारद अगस्त्य संवाद में श्रीरामचन्द्रजी के द्वारा बताया गया यह एकमुखी कवच
    सभी कामनाओं को तो पूर्ण करता ही है ,क्षय अपस्मार कुष्ठ रोग एवं भूत प्रेत ग्रहदोष निवारक भी है .सभी प्रकार के ज्वरनाश आदि आदि के लिए भी अचूक है .कवच में विनियोग,न्यास,ध्यान आदि के प्रावधान के साथ अति तीक्ष्ण मन्त्र तो हैं ही ,मनोजवं मारुत तुल्यवेगम ...../उल्लङ्घ्य सिन्धो :सलिलं सलीलं ....जैसी प्रभावी स्तुतियों के साथ हनुमान के द्वादश नामो का भी स्मरण है .अत:एकमुखीहनुमत्कवच और उसमे उल्लिखित
    तीक्ष्ण प्रभावी मन्त्रों का पाठ करना श्रेयस्कर होगा .


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