Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kali Mantra

These are some very powerful Mantras dedicated towards the Hindu mother Goddess Kali. Kali is the all powerful Universal energy, worshiped in numerous forms.

These mantras are recited to seek the blessings of Kali. Kali is also very important in Tantric worship and rituals.

Kali Mantra
Om Jayanti Mangalaa Kaali Bhadrakaali Kapaalini
Durgaa Shamaa Shivaa Dhatri Swahaa Swadhaa namostute ll

ॐ जयंती मंगला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी
दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोस्तु‍ते ll

Kali Mantra
Atha Kalimantraye Sadyo vaksiddhi prapyivan
Aravitairyah Sarvestam Prapnuvanti Jana Bhuvih ll
Savaruhaam mahabhim aghoradanshtram Hasanmukhim
Chaturbhujam khadag mundavara bhayakaram Shivam
Mundamala dharma devi Lolajihvan digambaram
Evam Sanchintayet kalim Shamasanalayavsinim ll
Kreem Kreem Kreem Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Dakshine Kalike
Kreem Kreem Kreem Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Swaha ll

अथ कालिमन्त्रये सद्यो वाक्सिद्धि प्राप्यवान्
अरवितैर्यः सर्वेस्तम् प्राप्नुवन्ति जना भुवि ll
सवरुहाम् महाभीम घोरदंष्ट्रम् हसन्मुखीम्
चतुर्भुजम् खड्ग-मुण्डवर-भयकरम् शिवम्
मुण्डमाला-धरम् देवी लोलजिव्हान् दिगम्बरम्
एवम् सञ्चिन्तयेत् कालिम् शमसनालयवासिनीम् ll
क्रीम् क्रीम् क्रीम् ह्रीम् ह्रीम् हुम् हुम् दक्षिणे कालिके
क्रीम् क्रीम् क्रीम् ह्रीम् ह्रीम् हुम् हुम् स्वाहा ll


  1. Hello is there some Kali mantra for vak siddhi

  2. DO you know the Shmashana Kali Puja? I was given a silver yantra which is very unique with a sort of lotus shape that also resembles burning flame and a number triangle type thing which i believe equals 9 in every direction sort of like Durga's. I was hoping that you could give the proper ritual and mantra. It's traditionally super secret only most priveledged yogis allowed to know for a fee or some sort of initiation but i figure that Kali put the yantra in my hands and she wants me to use it properly. My whole path has been a rather self initiated path as opposed to other people teaching me and i would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out . Thank you soo much, namaste <3 Jai Kali Maa. <3


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