Mantra to Make Hazrat Solve your Problems

This is a Hazrat  Mantra through which you can get any work done with the help of a Peer and get a solution to any problem or obstacle, which is bothering you. The meaning of Hajarat or Hazrat can be in the context of this article taken to be as a “Divine Presence” - Post By Guru Swami

Hazrat Mantra Sadhana Procedure:
1] Chant the Hazrat Invoking Mantra 3125 times daily for a period of 42 days for getting Siddhi over the Mantra.

2] Do, the Mantra Chanting in a Nirjan place that is a sacred or isolated place and then light an oil lamp Agarbattis.  Batasha,  Water and Rose should be offered.

3] Maintain all the Niyam that are prescribed for the Sadhana days.

After completing the Mantra Sadhana you will get a Darshan of a Peer or a Fakir who will solve your problem,  do your task or tell you some solution of any problem faced by you. More information about Peers and Fakirs can be seen in the post here – Mantra to Make Peer and Fakir fulfill Wishes

When the Peer or Fakir speaks to you don't interrupt.

मौलानन्द जब्बर कश, इन्नामा आकूम बिल  फजले, इत अमाकुम | नफ्सम, चंदन, वस्सरा मा आकुम अन्तल हकिम  इल्म रूहानी दीन वो देवता, मुलाक़ात रूहानात करो |
Maulaanand Jabbar Kash, Innaamaa Aakoom Bil Fajle, It Aamaakum | Nafsam, Chandan, Vassraa Maa Aakum Antal Hakim Ilm Ruhani Din Vo Devta, Mulaakaat Ruhaanaat Karo |


  1. hello Neel sir following this site your blog from more than 3 years ...I request wish that you should post an astrological upaaye mantra (strotra/chalisa) totke ..whatever source for a suitable government job /sarkaar Naukri ....please ASAP ....jai Shree ram

  2. Guru swami ji...
    Sir tell me how cn i cntact in serch of a real guru...
    Who cn guid me on the spiritual path. N am seeing that person in u sir...
    Sir i want take diksha fron u n wnt to make u my guru....plz help me sir

    1. You yourself are your real guru every shakti every gyan is inside u only
      only u have to realise
      U can consider lord shiva or dattatreya as your guru if u are not getting one
      And one more option is there
      Great bhakt and sainy SHRI SWAMI RAMSUKHDAS JI MAHARAJ said if u dont find guru or do not believe in present day gurus you can always consider any saint or guru who were there in earlier ages and present today also in sookshm rup as your guru

    2. श्री गुरु स्वामी ने सही कहा है .आध्यात्मिक जगत मे गुरु और शिव को समान माना गया है .य: शिव:स गुरु प्रोक्त: l य: गुरु: स शिव: स्मृत: lगुरु और शिव दोनो ही अभेद हैं .भगवान दत्तात्रेय त्रिदेव के अंशावतार माने गये हैं . अत:शिव और दत्तात्रेय दोनो ही गुरुतुल्य हैं .हमे गुरु की खोज मे भटकने की अपेक्षा शिव या
      दत्तात्रेय को गुरु मानकर उनकी उपासना करनी चाहिए ,उनसे आज्ञा लेनी चाहिए .

  3. Namaskar guruji, was reading the hazrat mantra, i did not understand ki agarbati, rose water, etc to whom its to be offered before reciting the mantra 3125 times, any particular direction 2 sit and a. Day to start. Await your guidance to start this mantra. Thank you very much.

  4. Dear sir i had started a corrugation box manufacturing unit in 2015 and till date i have had no success in this business. I had taken a loan of 1.3 crores and also incurred a loss of around Rs 50 lakhs till date. My condition is very critical as i will be losing my house to bank as i am unable to pay back the loan. Please give me a solution to get out of this debt and increase my business and sale. Request you to please send me a solution on

    1. आपने यह नही लिखा कि आप नियमित रूप से पूजा पाठ तथा अपने ईष्टदेव की आराधना करते हैं या नही ?
      इस ब्लॉग पर कुबेर,लक्ष्मी,धनप्राप्ति,ऋणमुक्ति से
      संबंधित कई मंत्र व साधना प्रयोग हैं ,उन्हे देखें .ऋणमुक्ति के लिए ऋणहर गणेशस्तोत्र,नरसिंहऋण -
      मोचन स्तोत्र,गजेंद्रमोक्ष मे से चयन करें तथा नियमित
      पाठ करें .लक्ष्मीसहस्रनाम का प्रयोग भी करें .

  5. Namaskar , Kya Kisi ne ye sadhna ki Hai. Anubhuti Kya Rahi. Thanks

  6. Have u get darshan of any pirs guru swami ji

  7. is there any person succeeded this sadhana?

  8. Hola que tal ? Escribo para decirle que su blog es muy completo jamas habia tanta variedad de mantras . Antes era aficionado a la recitacion de mantras ahora es una necesidad imperiosa ya que irresponsablemente recite un uchatan mantra y este se me volvio en contra perdi mi hogar y las personas con las que vivia. Tengo una pregunta como puedo revertir el efecto del mantra uchatan ? Desde ya muchas gracias

    1. You can chant any of the small Mantras to remove sins or Bad Karma. You can find them by doing a site search.


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