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Fire and Faith Needed in Mantra Sadhana

For readers, I want to explain a theory. imagine someone staying next to your house or few blocks away dies. Let us consider the deceased person's mother. Imagine the kind of trauma she might be going through. when you offer her movie tickets or popcorn or a Rasgulla or something else, what do you think they will do? Even if you offer her a Chappan Bhog  Meal she will not take it, why? because the only thing in her mind right now is his deceased child. - Ashok Mehta

The same fire or single-minded thought is needed in a Mantra Sadhana, when you become desperate to get success in a Sadhana that's when you will be successful. Unless and until you don't have the fire in yourself in your heart to do the Mantra Sadhana how can you even get success? But how will you do a Sadhana? If you want to watch TV, play games, etc.

You want to eat unhealthy foods just for the sake of the taste and get ill and then few days later you again start eating fast foods and getting ill and keep on repeating this procedure for your whole life and then look for Mantras to cure such illnesses.

If you want to do a Mantra Sadhana by following the above kind of lifestyle then even if you have a Guru you will not get success even in a 1000 years.

Mantra Siddhi is not a joke that one day you just sit in front of your Isht Dev, light a Diya and incense sticks and do the Mantra Japa. Where is the dedication and devotion in this? and most importantly where is the faith in the Mantra? where is the determination that this Mantra is my sole purpose in life right now?

Not everyone but many would think "I have already chanted and got failure in so many Mantras so it is not really a big problem if I have got failure in this Mantra too".

I am not insulting anyone but believe my word that unless you don't have burning desire to gain Siddhi over a Mantra no matter how many times you try you will never get success in it. That is why Mantra Diksha is very necessary.

If I as a person,  gains knowledge of a Mantra and shares it with a Shat-Buddhi person who claims to be doing various Sadhanas; that person's destruction is imminent. Every thing in Anushthan has Sanskar.  There are 16 types of Mantra Sanskar by default like Keelan Utkeelan,and a lot more. Unless you don't do this, the Mantra will just not work.

Every Mantra shared by me requires these Mantra Sanskar. However, if a person is devoted, loves the Isht Dev or Devi and has a really strong faith in the Isht Dev and his Mantra, the Sadhana will be successful even without Mantra Sanskar because such a person's devotion is true. Again, all of it still lies in the hands of god and depending upon your devotion he may or may not give you Mantra Siddhi.

And I don't even understand on why one person wants to achieve Siddhi over all Mantras and always use the most powerful Mantra in each task? One single mantra || Om Hanumate Namaha || has the power to give me Pratyaksh Darshan of Hanuman, bring the sky down to earth, kill someone, cause enmity among people, get Moksha, get wealth, go to Brahmalok, get Divyastra and much more But most people will say I am a fool, how can such a simple Mantra give Prayaksh Darshan of a god like Hanuman. This argument is same like a Pandit arguing with a scientist. The scientist will say there is no such thing as Mantras and all that is foolish and fake while a Pandit will say the opposite. It isn't the scientist's fault. He himself doesn't know about Mantra and that is why he is disrespecting it. and this is when Guru comes in. One Mantra can do everything, it all depends on how you use it.
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  1. So great, the most important thing in practice sadhana or mantra is bhakti (devotion)

  2. Ashok Sir,i am really feeling very thankful to you while looking all your experiences. I would please request you to describe the Roop (appearance)of Hanumanji when you have Darshan. If I am asking more than what I deserve please forgive me.

    1. Sir, you must be loving and faithful for Hanuman and There are many experiences For Hanuman darshan in this great site.

  3. Thank you , i always had in mind that any mantra should be dedicated to the divine for lifetime, and not for just the Siddhi. Which creates a relation, With Devas, Dakinis, Siva, Shakti, etc.... can be much time we able to dedicate.
    Thank again.

  4. Jai Shree Ram! Namashakaar!

    My sincere request, please tell us
    1) the difference between Hanuman chalisa(regular or Ramdut) and Bajarang Baan.
    2) when to chant Hanuman Chalisa & Bajarang Baan,
    3) recitation number, time, aasan, direction
    4) ny son is 8 running 8 year & very soon he will be going thru Rahu Mahadashaa. I make him seat with me & recite "Manojavam Maarut Tulya"from Ramraksha stotra, following "OM RAM RAMAY NAMH" & "OM MAHAVEERAY NAMH" i want you to tell is it right or worng
    5) we both use same red assan

    Kindly revert & keep your reply minimum 12 hours on site, please don't delete

    Jai Shree Ram, Jai Veer Hanuman

    1. 1. Bajrang baan worships veer Hanuman and Hanuman chalisa us dedicated to left facing Hanuman or meditating Hanuman
      2. Hanuman chalisa should be changed either in brahma muhurat or at dusk.
      Bajrang should be chanted after 10 pm. But only after getting diksha. Bajrang baan chanted without diksha will create calamity.
      3. For Hanuman chalisa- 11 times is optimum and direction should be north. You can use any aasan
      4. Firstly, you both need to sit on a separate aasan. Red aasan is fine but use 1 aasan for 1 person.
      Jay Shri Rama
      Jay veer Hanumana

    2. Namaskar Ashok Ji, just wanted to confirm if someone wish to seek guidance from you to proceed further in mantra sadhna, how to get in touch with you, can you plz suggest. Many Thanks.

    3. I am always ready to help people in this path. But I don't give any one to one or personal or similar kind of help. You can ask whatever you want here

  5. Jay Shree Ram! Namashkaar!

    Thank you for the clarity and request you for further clarity
    1) as mentioned above can my 8 year old son recites
    a) Manojavam marut tulya vegam
    b) Om Ram Ramay Namh - 11times
    c) Om Mahaveeray Namh - 11times
    He is not using rosary, i count for him

    2) dusk means at the time of sunset and because of Mumbai life, it happens very frequently to reach home late in the evening @ 9:30-10pm, so here i want to know till what time in the evening we can chant Lord Ram's Hanuman's mantra

    3) I am doing one prayog posted by you " Hanuman mantra to achieve anything in the world" in the morning since last 15 days. now i need to travel Baroda for office work so now what to do, i need to restart prayog after coming back from office work or continue with break.

    sincerely waiting for your reply

    Jai Shree Ram! Jai Veer Hanuman!

    1. 1. Only make him chant manoj avam mantra and shri rama. It's nice that you count on his behalf but teach him how to use a rosary soon.
      2. You can chant whenever you want but what I had shared are optimal times.
      3. You cannot skip. If you stop the sadhana, it will be an insult because they way god is important to us, the same way, for a god, his mantra is important to him.
      I knew from the first instance itself when you publicly posted that you are doing such a Hanuman sadhana. I have mentioned in my post on Dharma gyaan that we must not reveal anything related to your sadhana, your isht dev and the experiences one may have had with it. unmesh You need to cancel your plan of going to go to baroda or else you will never be able to successfully complete this sadhana ever again in life.
      Jay Veer Hanuman
      Jay Shri Rama

      For all the people who are reading this comment , I request y'all to please read my recent articles on sanatana dharma gyaan properly and please follow them. My goal is spread this knowledge as much as possible and try to establish them again. They may seem tough but that is only because y'all have never practised it before in life. With immense pains have I typed them for hours.

  6. Jai Shree Ram! Namashkaar!

    Many thanks for awakening me at right time. I have cancelled my journey till sadhana is over.

    Thank you

    Jai Shree Ram! Jai Veer Hanuman

  7. I apologize for reveling in public. I will take care & will not make mistake again

    Jai Shree Ram

  8. pranam ashok sir..I haven't get diksha for reading bajrang baan.I read by heart daily once in puja..though it is written in my kundli to worship hanuman and to recite bajrang baan..I want to ask is it any wrong or will create calamity..though various problems have little bit resolved from some past time ..plzz clarify it ..jai shree ram

    1. Don't listen to what's in your kundli. I have seen lots of times with many people that bajrang baan backfires. In fact, it can also cause death if recited wrong

  9. Replies
    1. It can be recited b6 males but only after getting diksha in it. Without getting diksha it backfires

  10. sir I have one doubt any other will not tell mantras to anybody why u are publishing mantras to all please tell me sir

    1. I don't think there's any harm in sharing our general mantra's knowledge with others.

      Basically, a person who is personally doing specific mantra siddhi/saadhna don't share that specific mantra details.

  11. pranam ashok sir plzz suggest ...though as in my kundli said to recite..bajrang baan so what I do..?? I don't read incorrectly..truly by faith one time daily.. am a student/job seeker ..neither am layperson nor advanced sadhak but yes full faith in adhyatm and on me then need more suggestions from you....jai shree ram

    1. I think you should stop for 20-30 days and see if the problems come back again. If problems come back it means you must completely stop using Bajrang Baan. During the 20-30 days, you can recite Hanuman chalisa 11 times daily if you want

  12. pranam sir ...lots of problems mental,physical, financial has been lessen and minimized in recent days when I started to read bajrang baan from last two n half months..n if I leave reading again fir 20- 30 days naturally some problems may what's is indication that I stop reading it then prob will increase?.it means reading decreased my prob but as u said am not getting it clearly ...jai shree ram..rplyy sir

  13. Then which is the mantra that I can recite if I'm a student wants extreme intelligence


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