Time is a system created to arrange actions in an orderly manner, to create a set sequence so as to facilitate the comparison and measurement of actions in a standard manner. Time is commonly believed to have begun with the big bang, when creation first began, this is not true Time is Timeless.

The big bang occurred in something, that something is space. Space is the ground on which everything rests. To say that the big bang began without space is something, which I find hard to agree with. According to HINDU COSMOLOGY, the creation process started by the big bang lasts 311 trillion and 40 million years, after which there an equal period of no creation of 311 trillion and 40 million years.
Time Cosmic Artwork Image
Time Cosmic Art
Thereafter creation begins once again.

The period of no creation also exists in something, there has to be a ground for it to exist. When we say nothing, there has to be a something for that nothing to exist. That something is space or the resting ground, and this space is indestructible and independent of time.

Time is something that as we know about it today never returns. Once an action occurs in space, that action is never reverted. Action is energy and energy is never destroyed. This energy is converted into vibrations and these vibrations pass into other dimensions, these dimensions which we never see, the end point of which is the OMNIPRESENT ALL ENCOMPASSING BLACK HOLE, the void.

Time also affects all other dimensions that is the Astral and Casual dimensions, where the life energy passes after the physical body perishes. Please see my post WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH, where I have explained the other dimensions. Even the energies in the Astral and Casual world are subject to the laws of relativity, those at the higher levels are not subject to time and space, but even they have a specific life span.

The only ones who are not subject to time are those energies at the very highest level, which have escaped forever from the law of relativity and become the ineffable Ever-Existent. These beings become one with the Infinite without any loss of individuality. The Ever-Existent is one and infinite at the same time and not subject to the laws of relativity.

Then what happens to time when it passes never to return. It passes into the Omnipresent all Encompassing Black Hole, the great Void. Nothing escapes from this great Void today. I have said nothing escapes from the great void today, which means some time in the future time is going to escape from the Void.

This will happen in the Physical world, the world which we live in, the material world. In the future, the invention of the time machine is a certainty; a way will be formulated for the escape of time from the great Void. By the escape of time, I mean that the actions of the past would be relived, witnessed and possibly influenced.

The countless sightings of Extra Terrestrials and Space Ships are a pointer; some of these sightings are for real. These Extra Terrestrial and their Space Ships are nothing but time travelers. Most Extra Terrestrial sightings show an emancipated being with a large head and small body. This is the way humans will evolve is the future.

The large head tells us that most if not all activity in the future will be mental and not physical, which explains the large head and small body. The large head signifies a larger brain and the emancipated body signifies lack of physical activity.

The successful tests carried on with the Large Hadron Collider will most certainly lead to a bend in the evolution of mankind. A revolutionary change will take place in the scientific world.

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  1. Dear Neel sahib,

    excellent article.
    But the basic question that we all ask from the day we become conscious of our existence is why we all including Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva must endure this cycle of rebirth until we become the energies at the highest level and escape time, "why" all of "us" (souls) are put in this position to endure time in the 1st place. Why does time and timelessness exist. Why does the ever-existent being exist. Why are those fundamental questions not answered by enlightened souls to help beings like us, especially when we hear of many souls in past history that have achieved enlightenment and escaped to timelessness but then they have not left us any answers to those types of questions.

  2. dear sir,

    can you kindly explain this--- "beings become one with infinite without losing their individuality", how does this match up with non-duality concept of Hinduism since I thought non-duality means no individuality. This has been bothering me since I think Jainism says this but Hinduism says all is one and no individuality exists so I am now confused.

    1. Only the highest of beings become one with God or become God like, these beings have to guide and aid the evolutions of others as Masters.
      You have to read what Shri Yukteswar Giri said to know about this evolutionary cycle.

  3. Dear Sir,

    thank you very much but kindly clarify a little more --- do highest of beings lose their individuality or do they keep their individuality. I thought non-dualism means highest of beings must lose their individuality. If they don't then doesn't that mean there is still "me" and "you" in them and therefore some form of selfishness because how can one have individuality and not have selfishness.

    1. The highest beings closest to the God Source keep their individuality and also become one with God or God Like.
      This is the highest state of Non-Dual Existence, to experience of the world and also God.
      Both the ME and YOU exist at the same time.

  4. Humans of Satya Yuga were at least 32 feet tall on average. They had a very large brain.


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