Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Most Effective Ramdut Hanuman Mantra

Following is a very simple but very effective mantra of Ramdut Hanuman for fulfilling all kind of tasks. Like in my previous posts, this Hanuman Mantra too doesn't need Guru Diksha.

Just like the Siddhi Vinayak Mahamantra this Mantra too has lots and lots of benefits. The Mantra is one of the most dearest of Mantras for me due to the immense healing benefits in spite of its simplicity. - Ashok Mehta

Following are the various Mantra Prayogs, which can be performed using this Hanuman Mantra:
1. First and foremost is it is a very powerful Mantra for Sade Sati. The Mantra has to be chanted 40 rosaries daily for 108 days. The Mantra as I previously mentioned is very very powerful Healing Mantra. By healing I mean not only for the health factor but it also heals the various problems one is facing,  especially Shani Sade Sati or Shani Mahadasha of 19 years. Do not get disheartened by the number of days. It is said that when a Mantra makes you feel happy that's when you know its truth. That is the same reason why the Iskcon believers never get tired of chanting the Hare Rama Mantra. Similarly, This Mantra too will create happiness and positivity both inwardly and outwardly and give you immense bliss.

2. Those  people who want to get success in a long time pending work should recite this Mantra 11,21 for 31 rosaries or till one doesn't get success in the desired work.

3. For Grihast people who want family happiness, facing problems of family fights, bad behavior of children or parents, lack of happiness, feeling unsatisfied with the family standard of living,etc.  should recite this Mantra  for 101 rosaries daily for 108 days. Try this Sadhana once and you'll see magic happen. After Siddhi, give Dahsansh Havan, Tarpan, Marjan and Brahaman Bhojan. Do Dashanash Havan with sesame.

4. The  people who are facing enemy problems should light an Akhand Diya and chant this Mantra 21000 times  within 3 days.

5. For getting rid of diseases recite this Mantra 1000 times or  for 10 rosaries daily till you get rid of the diseases. You can increase the number  of chants if the disease is severe.

6. For Hanuman Darshan Praapti, recite this Mantra 7 lac times within 31 days.

7. For attracting wealth, Lakshmi and the 16 Aishwaryas or for fulfilling any such Shanti Karma kind of wishes, recite this Mantra 1 lac times with 21 days. Do Dashansh Havan with sesame.

8. For getting out of prison, recite this Mantra for 41 rosaries daily for 31 days and the desired person will be freed from prison. One must promise Hanuman that if the person gets freedom he/she or you will do Bhakti of Hanuman daily in some or the other way and never do Paap Karma again.

9. For getting spiritual upliftment, recite 31 rosaries of this Mantra for 1 year.

10. For wealth and family happiness related  Sadhanas sit on red velvet Aasan facing west and do Sadhana in the evening. For other Sadhanas sit facing north on a Kush Aasan and do the Sadhana in the  morning. For spiritual upliftment Sadhana sit facing east and use Kush Aasan.

For Shatru Naash or enemy removal Sadhana and spiritual upliftment, use a Red Chandan Rosary. For wealth, wish fulfillment and prosperity Sadhanas use Red Coral Rosary. For Graha Shanti and all other Sadhanas use Rudraksh Rosary.

For Graha shanti and spiritual upliftmentment, meditate on the form of  a Meditating Hanuman. For other Sadhanas, meditate on a left facing Hanuman idol.

11. For Vaak Siddhi, chant the Mantra facing east for 108 rosaries daily for 108 days.

12.  If one writes this Mantra on the tongue of a 5 or 7 month old male child using Chandan mixed with honey with a wooden stick, your the child will become very very intelligent, powerful, become a divine person; get the grace of Hanuman  and  Shri Rama for its whole life and become a very big devotee of Shri Rama and Hanuman, get unbelievable success in life; and then what is there in  all the 3 worlds that my dear Lord Hanuman and Shri Rama cannot give?

One must try to write the entire Mantra but if you are unable to write entire Mantra then remove "Hanumate" and write the rest part of the Mantra.

13. If this mantra is chanted 11 rosary before any Hanuman Sadhana for 11 rosaries during the Sadhana days, success will be guaranteed

14. For increasing devotion towards Hanuman: chant 5 Rosaries of this Mantra for 40 days. use a red sandalwood rosary only for this purpose and while chanting meditate on the form of Hanuman I have attached.

15. For making the house pure and attract Saubhagya, every morning after bath do the following:
 Keep a copper  vessel filled with water and dip all the fingers of the left hand and chant 3 rosaries of the Mantra using a Red Coral Rosary. This will energize the water. Now sprinkle this water everywhere in the house In all 10 directions and sprinkle a bit on yourself also. It will cure you of all diseases and remove all kinds of poverty and unlucky aspects in the house

​Mantra: || ॐ ऐं ह्रीं हनुमते रामदूताय नमः ||
|| Om Aim Hreem Hanumate Ramdootaya Namah ||

Indeed the mantra is very powerful and one of the most dearest Mantras for me.
If the Mantra is written on a Bhojpatra with Kesar and worshiped as a Tantra daily by all the family members together, it will bring the a phenomenal revolution and change  in their lives.  One must frame the Yantra and do its Pran Prathishtha and Shodashopchar Puja  as well. It is my guarantee that this Mantra will work and definitely work and there is absolutely no doubt in it. This Mantra can be chanted by anyone including your children. If you make a Yantra and worship it daily with your whole family, even better.

As I don't have the  Viniyog for this Mantra, one must recite Hanuman kavach before reciting this Mantra. Other than this, basic Puja rules like light sesame oil diya, incense sticks, Ganesh Puja, Sihv Puja, etc have to be performed.

During the Sadhana days kindly follow the rules I am giving below:
Do not break Brahmacharya. Do not eat spicy foods. Have dinner before sunset.

Do not:- lie, speak bad words, get angry, engage in sexual thoughts or activity, speaking too much or speaking unnecessarily.

Perform Achaman 4 times a day- once as soon as you get up, then once before starting the Mantra Japa, once at dusk and once before sleeping

May Shri Rama and Hanuman always help all readers and keep his grace.

|| श्री राम जय राम जय जय राम ||
|| सुमिरि पवनसुत पावन नामू ।
अपने  बस  करि  राखे  रामू ||

Ramdut Hanuman Yantra for Pooja Place at Home
Ramdut Hanuman Yantra for Pooja Place

This is the Yantra which has to be kept in home temple as a part of this Mantra Sadhana. One can get a printout or draw this himself.


  1. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Pls tell us how to use this mantra for getting great physical strength and courage?pls tell us how many times to chant this mantra for physical strength?

  2. I vouch for this Mantra.. Though I haven't done a Sadhana on this but it has given me immense help at times of Crisis !!

  3. Dear Ashok Sir,
    you have mentioned that this mantra is most useful for health.But can it also be used for getting great physical strength?How many times must the mantra be chanted for this purpose?Pls guide.

    1. yes sir.but how many times?

    2. sorry for bothering you again sir,but I dunno how to chant this mahamantra for physical strength?do I have to do 108 times or 1008 times for physical strength onlyusing rudraksha mala?pls reply.

    3. Chant 40 rosary for 40 days and take sankalp before starting japa

    4. Thank you so much sir.will do as you say.

    5. Sir,there's one little problem.In your post you mentioned abt writing the mantra on the tongue of a 5-7 month old baby.when I first read the post as 5-7 year old child.5-7 year old child would mean that the child is still in the womb.Pls clear this doubt in my mind.readers also may find it confusing.

    6. A child which is 5-7 months old after birth

    7. oh.oknow dats will be difficult but one should do his best as children arestubborn

  4. Namashkar sir I have 5month old baby girl can I do this prayoga

  5. Ashok sir, i suffer from social anxiet

  6. Ashok sir, i suffer from social anxiety and lack of courage and as a result of this, my life has become a hell now.I get degraded myself everyday before someone or the other. The thing that haunts me more is the fact that i was not suffering from this lack of courage some years before.All this problem has started from 4 years due to psychological torture from some of my collegues and it has left a huge scar in my mind and as a result i lack selfworth and confidence even to talk to strangers. no remedies can help me out. i beleive that hanumanji can only help me out of this issue that haunts me day and night. Ashok ji , please give me a hanuman mantra that can solve this issue. i would be greatly thankfull if you help me.

    1. Such problem can very easily be solved through hanuman chalisa

  7. dear sir please clarify point 13.
    please clarify sir.

    1. One must chant 11 rosary during the sadhana days to get success in the respective sadhana

  8. but whats the procedure.(say it only in one line)
    thank u also for ur efforts.

  9. Sir

    1) I want to know will it give negative results If we are unable to follow 1-2 rule for doing this sadhna

    2)Sir will i get any benefit if i make habit that i will do 1-2 rosary of this mantra every morning after doing regular puja or but without taking any sankalp etc

    1. The mantra doesn't give side effects
      And you can chant without sankalp also

  10. Respected sir,
    Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful mantra.
    I want to request you something if you permit,

    We all know the value of brahmacharya for a sadhak.
    But also we know that in todays world we are surrounded by numerous provocative things,its next to impossible to avoid them.
    So,its my request that if possible please share any mantra sadhana which may help us to attain akhand brahmacharya,as long as we like,so that we can complete sadhanas without any guilt feeling.

    Thank you

    1. Brahmacharya can be maintained by chanting ||ॐ राम रामाय नमः ||

  11. Jai Shree Ram! Namashkaar!

    Ashokji you have mentioned 15 prayog. For learning, curiosity & knowledge, i request you to share
    1) is sankalp require before any prayog
    2) can wife do prayog No7: wealth & prayog No15: home purification
    3) i m already doing Hanuman mantra prayog so can i chant 11 rosary before that as you mentioned in prayog no13
    4) can all these prayog be done at bramhmuhurt
    5) bramhmuhurt is 04:30 am IST or please specify
    6) is it mandatory to make Ramdut Hanuman Yantra before doing any prayog from 1 to 15
    7) as you mentioned printout or hand sketch of yantra, can we also make it in copper
    8) in prayog 14 you are asking to meditate on the form of Hanuman you have attached, is it same yantra. if not please help me to get it

    Sincerely waiting for your reply

    Jai Shree Ram! Jai Shree Hanuman

    1. 1. Yes
      2. She can do
      3. You can
      4. Yes
      5. Brahma muhurat is different for each day. Please refer panchang for it. Brahma muhurat starts 1 hr 36 mins before sunrise
      6. No but if you do it will better
      7. It will be great if you make it on copper
      8. You can google "meditating hanuman". You will know.
      Jay Shree Rama
      Jay Veer Hanuman

    2. Great help Ashokji, thank you!

      Jai Shree Ram, Jai Veer Hanuman!

  12. Guruji My grandson is 21 months old can I do Mantra lekhan Praying.

  13. Namashkar me to ride of debts I do runamochaka Narsimha stotram every I dusk since 5years without fail even though I am not getting relief from karga or debts all hard-earned money going to pay interest only please sir guide me what should I do.your reply can give me strength to survive my life.sir I have two daughters one is 5yearsold and onthere is 5 months old I am warring about their future please guide me and my husband not getting promotion and hike in salary he is having 16years banking operations experience sir please reply me thanking you

    1. Keep a big proper temple in your house and establish maha mrityunjay yantra, Rama yantra, shree yantra, ganesh yantra, Hanuman yantra, Kubera yantra in the house. Make sure they are consecrated. These 6 yantras and worship of these gods should be done by everyone. You must do their aarti with family two times a day. This alone will ease out your problems.
      Other than that:
      1. Recite Sankat nashak ganesh stotra 11 times.
      2.Recite Hanuman chalisa 3 times
      And Om ramchandraay namaha 1 rosary
      3. Mahamrityunjay mantra and Shiv mool mantra 1 rosary
      4. Shree sukt and lakshmi sukt 3-3 times followed by 1 rosary of Mahalakshmi, Narayan and Rama gayatri mantra.
      5. For kubera, recite Kubera gayatri mantra
      All of the above will take not more than 45 minutes but you will start seeing results within 2 weeks.
      While doing the paath, do the sadhana as paying respects.

    2. Or else refer to this post:

      If you cannot do that also then atleast
      Recite aparajita stotra 11 times day or || या देवी सर्व भूतेषु लक्ष्मी रूपेण संस्मिथा
      नमस्तस्ये नमस्तस्ये नमस्तस्ये नमो नमः || x 5 rosary

    3. Namashkar sir.thank you so much guru ji

    4. Namashkar guru Ji for yours suggestions and I definitely follow all this as you mentioned thank-you so much.

  14. pranam ashok sir...sir am facing..problems im my carrer..not getting gov jobs..though i prepare alot with hardwork...nd some money problems goes on ..plzzz specificy me some guidance as u guided on above a libran..

    1. Chant श्री रामदूतं शरणं प्रपद्ये 3 rosary daily. You will start seeing results within 5 days.
      Along with it also recite Hanuman dvadash naam stotra 1 mala in afternoon only. Use only red coral rosary for japa.

  15. thank you ashok sir prayog is coincidently matched but i dint use mala just keep on chanting...hanuman;anjanisut,vayuputra,mahabali,ramesht,pinganch,phagunsakha,amitvikram,udadhikraman,sitasokvinashan,dashgrivdarpaha..... morning evening time.....jai shree ram

  16. Ashokji. Thanks for your feedback. I wish to know for point no. 4. Of akhand deep for 3 days. Should it be lit for 3 consecutive days. Even my wife wants to do this remedy. Should we have separate akhand deep or same is fine. When is auspicious day to start. jai sri ram.

    1. 2 people of same house cannot do. Any one of you do thai sadhana or else the enemy be successful. Akhand diya means a diya which is continuously alighted. The diya which has been ignited on the first day should be kept burning continuously for 3 days

  17. Namaste guru ji , need your help in sving one of my problems . my family given money to another family but they are not returning back it's almost 8 yrs whenever we ask they say yes but not given a single penny. Please help us by suggesting any Hanuman mantra and sadhana.

    1. You can do this sadhana by taking sankalp before starting japa

  18. ashok more question having which mool yantra for hanuman;ganesh;lakshmi;kuber...are preferable to keep...and how to energise it plzzz make me know..i wll b very thankful to you ...plzz reply....jai shree ram

    1. There is just one type of yantra for each of the gods. For procedure on energising , you can look for it on the net.

  19. ashok sir, in some of your posts, i have seen the pronounciation of bijakshras given by you as shrin ,hrin and (word ending on 'n') so on.. but in this post, the pronounciation of hreem if not given as hrin but it is given as hreem it self. can you please tell me how these bijaksharas are pronounced correctly?

    1. I have already answered this query. Bija-akashar like ऐं, ह्रीं, क्लीं are pronounced as aim ,hrim in case the mantra is satvik. They are pronounced as ain(g), hrin(g) when the mantras are shabar or tantrik in nature. क्लीं is always pronounced as Kling irrespective of the nature of the mantra

  20. Sir

    I want to know that you have written write this manra in bhojpatra with kesar can we use asthgandha instead of kesar ?

    1. All this doesnt matter that much. If you don't have devotion then even if you write with the ashtgandha, the yantra won't work. I haven't used kesar. The yantra is printed version

  21. Thanks for your reply sir. Need one last clarification do I have to perform no2 sadhana in which u mention long time pending work should recite this mantra for 21,31 times.


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